How to stay healthy on holiday…

Women buying fresh fruit In India

Taking advantage of the hundreds of activities and super-healthy local food choices around the globe will help you lose some weight while on holiday. But what will really super charge your efforts of staying slim will be reducing stress.

Women buying fresh fruit In IndiaHolidays are a time to relax and indulge and, for many of us, a time to pack on the pounds. All the long-distance travelling with easy access to junk food, decadent cocktails sipped in the sunshine or delicious candy floss at the fair makes it difficult to keep the taut tummy you left home with.

There are ways to escape into an endless setting sun without padding your tummy with all the superb snacks that the world has to offer.

Fruit and vegetables from around the world

No matter where you travel to, every country offers a never ending supply of healthy food you have yet to experience. There are at least four types of fruit that I can guarantee you have never tried in South East Asia, for example.

Whether it’s rambutans, mangosteens, jackfruit, or longan, there are so many super-healthy fruits and vegetables to encounter and a variety of ways to cook them.

If you’re not a big fruit fan, just aiming to eat like a local while abroad will give you a more immersive experience and keep you as slim as the locals.

There is a reason the year-round residents are healthy, and eating like them will give you a similar physique. It won’t just keep you slim, it will keep your wallet fat.

Local food is often cheaper than a Big Mac or any of the other fast food that you might be used to. It is so much better to get back home and compare the soup dumpling to the one you had in China instead of comparing plain old McRibs.

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There are a never-ending supply of drool-worthy dishes that you need to try, no matter what country you go to. From Vietnam’s Bahns to Spain’s tiny tapas, you will find healthy choices available on every edge of the globe.

Holiday adventures that keep you fit

There are so many amazing things to do around the world. It’s a never-ending list of cliffs to dive off or ancient temples covered in creeping vines, accessible only by rowboat. You could fill a lifetime of days with physical activity.

If you want to drink Caipirinha all night long and don’t want to take a keg-sized belly back, you can match your drinks with all-day escapades up Sugar Loaf or wind surfing along the beautiful white sand beaches that dot Brazil’s epic coastline.

Keeping active will allow you to put less care into your diet while travelling. Baked Alaska for dessert? Of course! If you share a whole Baked Alaska with someone you spent four hours hiking up mountains with, there may even be no net weight gain.

Even if you don’t want to share, an hour and a half hiking up the majestic Mount Denali in North America will see off that single serving of dessert.

Woman hiker sitting, looking over view of mountain valleyPlanning out your next trip won’t just help turn the late night wine-tasting into adventure fuel, but it will also add structure to your holiday, and allow you to do all of the things that you need to fit into your precious sabbatical.

There is so much to see and do, why waste the opportunity by lying about?

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Preparing for holidays can reduce stress and accidents

Diet and exercise are vital parts of remaining slim, but reducing stress will help your long-term health. It also makes the diet part of ‘diet and exercise’ a while lot easier.

Planning ahead for your trip will reduce your stress levels and make an escape into the cloud-trimmed mountains easier. Preparations could mean anything from setting up your home for your return, to researching your destination to help you pack for the weather.

Whether you are travelling to Peru during March and are unaware that this is the rainy season, or are just taking a quick trip up to the mountains for a ski trip and aren’t aware of chain laws, you can save yourself a few pounds by calling ahead and seeing if the front desk or guide might have some advice on what to bring.

Your home is your castle and there is nothing worse than worrying about your stove being left on, coming home after an extended holiday to a sofa layered in dust, or a pile of bills that tell the story of why the light won’t come on.

Before you leave for a long trip, start by making a list of everything that needs to get done. Check bills that need to be paid, appropriate storage for longer trips, and have a list that you can check when on the plane that says, “Yes, I turned off the cooker”.

Paying your bills by direct debit, paying in advance, or turning off your utilities for longer trips will save you the trouble of returning to burst pipes or a pile of red enveloped bills.

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A sofa full of dust or a ransacked home is daunting to any sunset-bound escapee who has trouble letting home worries stay at home. Safely storing valuables at a friend’s house or in a secure storage facility and covering your fluffy furniture with sheets will save you worry and heavy duty dusting when you return.

Let the worries of home stay at home and have a healthy, happy holiday…