How to stay energized and motivated during your home remodel

Whether your latest home remodeling project seems like it’ll never end or you’re planning your most epic project yet, DIY renovations can be both physically and mentally exhausting.’s why it’s essential to keep yourself energized and nourished from the beginning planning stages until the big reveal. Find out how to stay motivated during your home remodel while making healthy food choices.

Create a plan

You know what you want to accomplish, but without a home renovation plan, getting there won’t be easy. Sit down with your DIY partner and map out what you want to do and a realistic timeline. Depending on the size of your project, you might want to create a daily breakdown for a long weekend, or it might make more sense to work out a weekly schedule for a major renovation.

Chart your progress

Once you’ve made a plan, it’s easy to chart your progress as you work toward a new kitchen or a beautiful outdoor living room. Check each project off your to-do list as you finish it, and don’t feel bad about shifting your schedule around as life gets in the way. As long as you’re keeping track of what you’ve accomplished and what you have left to do, you’ll have an easier time staying motivated.

Boost your energy level

Whether you’re typically a ball of energy or you’d rather curl up in a ball on the couch, home renovation projects can really zap you. Rather than loading up on caffeine, make a point of eating foods that boost your energy level. Even if you don’t have much spare time to track your eating habits or prep meals, you can find a healthy eating plan with the LifeSum app and make sure you have ample fuel to get through the day.

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Take breaks

Every home renovation project has its fair share of frustrating moments. Sometimes it makes sense to power through the tough spots and complete a challenging project, especially when the end is in sight. Other times, putting your project on pause and giving yourself a chance to recharge is smart. After all, taking a break lets you revisit a project with new eyes and fresh energy reserves.

Know your limits

Professional home renovation photos offer tons of great inspiration but don’t let those glossy images tempt you to take your DIY project too far. Be realistic about what you can accomplish on your budget and with the space and skills you have. While challenging yourself is fantastic, it’s important to know your limits. When you set realistic expectations, you’ll find that keeping yourself motivated is infinitely easier.

Celebrate the good

Always give yourself a chance to celebrate home renovation wins. Whether you finally tore down that wall, successfully installed your first sink, or put the last stroke of paint on the entryway, a celebration is in order. Take a minute to high-five, have a dance party, or toast to your awesome work.

Big and small home renovation projects can be challenging and rewarding. Follow these tips to stay motivated, and you’ll be ready to celebrate your hard work while tackling any glitches along the way.