How to pick an interior colour scheme

woman standing in front of a green painted wall and looks different colors

There are many ways to pick your interior colour scheme, and although there is no shortage of opinions on the matter, the decision is ultimately yours.

woman standing in front of a green painted wall and looks different colors

You may want to discuss options with family members, but there are a few simple ways that you can get the best out of your colour scheme planning.

Start with a colour wheel

This will help you focus on choosing your main base colour, what colour and its shades are your favourites, and what you think will fit in with the colours of carpets, fixtures and furniture you already have. Unless you are decorating a new house, you may have to make some colour compromises, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have rooms that are comfortable on the eye and enjoyable to live in.

Creating a mood

Whether it’s a welcoming mood, one that is aimed to relax or one that’s a touch more energetic, colour is the key to achieving what you want.

Your bedroom needs to be a place where you can relax and switch off and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Vibrant colours won’t help, so turn to more soothing hues using purples, greens or blues. If you want to make a statement, strong reds and oranges can be a palette for a contemporary bedroom, but you may prefer a more neutral approach.

You should also consider window coverings. For example, fabulous grey shutters add style to the room and can block out all light when you want uninterrupted sleep. They work well with the more neutral colours and are worth experimenting with to get the best scheme for you.

Cool living areas

As with any colour scheme, what you have in the room before you decorate needs to be considered. With contemporary furniture, you can use bright colours to accentuate the design properties of the furniture. If you have older wooden chairs and comfy sofas and armchairs, you may want to go for a subtler blend of colours to work with what you have. Greens and blues, perhaps with one wall painted differently as a feature wall, can make a scheme statement that is easy to live with and attractive to visitors.

A dining room can be formal, especially if you host dinner parties, so navy blue is a good choice. If your guests are usually limited to family and close friends, however, you can lighten the scheme to create that more relaxed and informal feel.

In the bathroom

Here’s another room for relaxation and reflection. This is a great place to use a variety of blues with some cream so you can evoke the sea at its most tranquil. White, grey and black will give you a more contemporary feel, especially if you have bathroom furniture these colours will suit.

A comfortable environment

Taking the time to think through your interior colour scheme options will help you move toward your ideal overall environment. Most advice is worth considering, but make sure you’re comfortable with what you have chosen.