How to lose body fat by changing what you eat…

lose body fat

Some foods to try to lose body fat…

lose body fatTo tell the truth, I never used to think much about what I ate. My partner, however, is incredibly health conscious, and watches everything that she eats. Several years ago, though, I spent two months in a cast after a biking accident. Of course, I walked around with crutches. But that was probably 30% of my usual activity. It was frustrating and boring be.

As you can imagine, I compensated with food and I ate everything I wanted. Honestly, when I saw myself in the mirror, I was in shock. You wouldn’t believe how much fat I gained during this period of inactivity.

I talked with my partner to get advice on what to do. We decided to work together on raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating. Additionally, we decided to focus on specific issues such as diet plans to lose body fat.

What is fat?

The conversation around fat can be confusing sometimes. On one hand, when talking about a healthy balanced diet, doctors always mention that we need to eat fat. On the other, they keep telling us that fat can cause various health issues.

Fats are sometimes called fatty acids or lipids. They are made of three molecules joined together, which is why we also call them triglycerides. Our bodies produce most of the essential fats by themselves. And some like Omega 3, we get through food. Dietary fats are essential because they give our body energy and promote cell growth. They also have a protective effect on our organs and keep our bodies warm.  However, eating too much, particularly saturated fats, raises cholesterol in our blood and this can lead to cardiovascular issues. That is why we have to limit the number of fats and focus on eating only good fats. 

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

Every person is different. Healthy body fat percentages vary between men and women, and change as we age. For women aged between 40 and 59, it can range from 14% to around 30% before it starts to be deemed too high. 

What to eat to lose body fat

Cayenne pepper

Do you like spicy food? Well then, this is good news for you! Cayenne, a super spicy chilly that rates pretty high on the Scoville scale, is one of the best when you are looking to lose body fat.  Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that everyday consumption of this food boosts the ability of the body to convert food into energy. The main reason for that is the compound called capsaicin which is also an appetite suppressant. 


Some of you hear carbs when you hear about oatmeal! In which case, you may be wondering how oatmeal can then be a fat-burning food. However, when talking about oatmeal as a part of a diet to lose body fat, we need to think whole grain oats. Whole grains are rich and full of fibre and it takes longer for the body to process them. That is why they give us the sensation of feeling fuller for longer. 

White tea

Make sure to include white tea in your diet plan to lose body fat.  Of all tea varieties, white tea is the least processed. It comes with a high content of micronutrients that burn fat. They are called polyphenols. White tea also prevents the creation of new fat cells and speeds up your metabolism. 


Grapefruit has various health benefits. Among other things, it helps people lose body fat. Its fans argue that eating this low-sugar fruit is the fastest way to lose body fat. What does science say? Studies show that people who ate half of the grapefruit each morning before breakfast lose five kilograms over 12 weeks.


Oysters are most known as an aphrodisiac food. But, could it be that there are other reasons why they are so popular? Oysters are among the best sources of zinc, a powerful mineral that works to regulate appetite. As with fish, oysters are rich in Omega 3. In general, they are packed with essential nutrients are very low calorie. That makes them perfect for healthy weight loss. However, if you are buying canned oysters, bear in mind that they are packed with sodium. Eating oysters combined with workouts to lose body fat will give you great results.

 Final word 

That’s all about foods to lose body fat for today folks! Remember that the food we eat significantly affects various aspects of our health. While burgers, pizza, etc taste good, too many can bring undesired fat and health problems. It doesn’t mean that we should never enjoy that type of food.

However, it is much better to stick to healthy food options in general and indulge in fast foods only occasionally.  

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