How to decorate your house for the festive season

decorate house festive season

The festive season is like a festival for people of all ages.

decorate house festive seasonBecause during this season, you get proper time for yourself. Also, you get the chance to give all your attention and time to your family. Having fun and enjoying being together is what makes holidays special.

But it is also true that without decorations, you’re not really setting a festive mood. How could you decorate your house appropriately?

Colour scheme and style

First, choose a certain colour scheme and style to decorate your rooms. Keep a balance of colour and decorations for the whole house. It isn’t necessary to change or throw away old things. Just add a little bit of a festive touch by rearranging and adding some decorations.

Holiday decoration isn’t only about adding a load of extra items to the house. Rather it is about making the house more appealing and having fun at the same time. Try to decorate different rooms accordingly, remembering the main purpose of the room to keep it both comfortable and enjoyable.

Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with some room-wise ideas for decorating your house for holidays. Let’s get started.

Living room: Adorning it for gatherings

First things first. Rearrange the furniture. Even if they are just in place, rearrange it. Doing that will break the monotony and give the room a fresh look. As family members mostly gather in the living room, free up some space for all. Arrange the furniture in a grouping that invites conversation.

Then add up extra decoration. Use bright colour and lighting for the living room to keep up the energy. Attach different colour ribbons, flowers, and twinkle lights. Decorating the room with a few mirrors is a good idea as well. Because the mirrors will bounce the light and the room will look brighter. But make sure to not to place two mirrors facing one another. That won’t let the light spread.

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Or you can simply make decorating items at home using paper, ribbon etc. This will cost you less and also making them with family members will let you have more time together.

Placing some potted evergreen plants will help to refresh your mind and they are good for heath as well. If you add a fragrant evergreen, just the smell is enough to boost the environment.

Entertainment room

Having an entertainment room adds up the excitement of a joyous occasion of holidays. Even if you use the living room for group gatherings, you can’t play there. Because that may damage your expensive furniture or decorations. Also, you can’t really rely on the garden as the weather can never be trusted. So, it is better to make a games room separately with an empty or extra room in the house. If you already have a games room, then you can rearrange it with some new games. That will let you have some more fun with your family, friends and also other guests who are joining.

Try games that require both physical and mental activity. The simplest way to do that is setting up a dartboard. It is comparatively less expensive and takes less space. If you have a little more space but yet not big enough, go for an arcade basketball setup. Indoor table games like air hockey or table tennis are also great choices for healthy entertainment. If you have enough space, setting up an indoor golf simulator will be a great attraction. It will level up your entertainment room with a combination of technology and healthy gaming.

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Kitchen and dining room

There is a famous expression: “A family who eats together, stays together.”

It’s not always easy for all family members to eat at the same time because of schedules. The festive season gives us the chance to make that up a little. Turn your dining room into another amazing gathering place for your family. You can simply go for a traditional dinner table setting to keep it a little formal and classy. Or go for the buffet system so that everyone gets to enjoy themselves. Even then the suggestion is to include as many chairs or sitting places as you can so that everyone can have their food comfortably.

About decoration, you can buy patterned tablecloths that go well with the style you chose. For an added extra, you can hang food quotes or paintings on the wall. Or, line a wall with small plants. If your kitchen and dining room are combined, then add a little bit of decoration to the kitchen as well. But make sure to keep a safe distance from the fire no matter what you are using for the decorations.

Bedroom: Make your holidays more relaxing

While decorating the bedroom, you must not forget that the main purpose of the bedroom is relaxation. Loading it with excessive decorations will hamper that purpose. Rather, make it simple yet gorgeous. Add simple ribbon or paper decorations that you used for the whole house. But use them in smaller amounts.

Then, choose a lighter shade of your chosen colour scheme. Especially for the ceiling as that makes the room relaxing. And it seems bigger as well. Avoid over-lighting and choose a soft colour for lighting. Place some potted and fragrant evergreen plants to create a refreshing atmosphere. Or you can bring in some scented candles to help guest sleep better.

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Before starting to decorate your house, make a list of ideas you want to implement. Then discuss it with the whole family. They may have different ideas, suggestions, and opinions. Make a list of things that you will need. Divide the work among the family members. Involve everyone to make it less stressful for you. Moreover, working together to decorate will let everyone spend some more time together and make precious memories for lifetime.

Happy holidays!

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