How to brighten up January…

Woman in a blue hat sitting on a sun lounger looking at an empty pool

Once Christmas and New Year are over, January can seem a long, grey, miserable month.

Woman in a blue hat sitting on a sun lounger looking at an empty poolMany of us have no money to actually do anything. And I’m not a winter person. I hate the cold dark nights and having to get up in the morning while it’s still dark. Then having to put make-up on in artificial light, always hoping I’ve not made an absolute mess of it.

So while summer seems a long way off I tell myself that actually, the days will now be getting longer. And in the meantime, this is what I do to try and make things seem a bit brighter.

There’s no point making any resolutions that require a major lifestyle change, as for a lot of people after the first few days it seems a lot of effort to maintain. But I do find that walking to the travel agents magically puts a spring in my step.

I’m dreaming of sandy beaches…

Looking for holidays means looking at pictures of white sandy beaches with the usual good-looking perfect couples/families enjoying what the sun, sea and sand have to offer.

What it won’t show is a middle-aged woman lounging on a sunbed pretending to read a book behind massive sunglasses while she’s watching all the young hot stud muffins parading up and down the beach.

I like looking at the different hotels, imagining myself sitting on the terrace having my third coffee while deciding what to do for the day. Beach or local market?

I enjoy seeing all the rooms on offer, dreaming of sipping a white wine on the balcony looking out across the pool. Although when I go on my own I’m usually overlooking the car park or the dustbins and paying the extra single supplement for the privilege. But I live in hope.

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Once I’ve decided – not saying I’m going to actually book it – on where I fancy going I then go shopping.

Believe it or not, a lot of big stores will already have a small range of swimwear in. I always make a beeline for it, looking at the shapes and colours and wondering if it would look okay as I swan around the poolside at the hotel I’ve not actually booked to stay in.

There probably won’t be much in the way of sarongs or flipflops, but then again it’s only January.

I might go back and book the holiday, or I might not. Either way, what helps me to get through that long, depressing, cold and miserable month is fantasy. Pure and simple.

So if the thought of January is giving you the blues why not give it a go? Grab some brochures, have a browse online and wander around the shops getting in a summery mood.

And if you do end up booking the holiday… well, that’s just a bonus.

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