How to begin a career in the financial sector

man and woman shaking hands on a new job

The modern British financial sector is jam-packed full of opportunities for people to progress in their careers and receive rewarding, well-paid jobs.

man and woman shaking hands on a new jobIt should be no surprise that many people enter this sector every year. If you hope to be one of them, then you have plenty of reasons to work towards your goal. As with any competitive field, the difficulty lies with getting in, whether you are a student looking to take the internship route or you are seeking opportunities at a bank in your local area.

Here are some tips on entering this interesting and dynamic sector.


The internship route to a career in the financial sector is most common for current university students who want to work in the central offices of banks in big cities around the world rather than local branches or institutions. Students will typically finish their internships during the summer holidays of the year before they start a job, and if they complete their tasks to a standard that satisfies their managers, then they will likely receive a full-time contract offer.

Internships a great way to get involved if you are a student, although they are not always open to those who have a different educational profile.

Standard applications

For those who are not currently studying at a university, the best route into the financial sector is through a standard application to a local branch or company.

Most British high streets still have a bank or two, and they are often looking for staff. Some places also have regional bank offices – including Chester, which plays host to Bank of America Merrill Lynch – so your options may certainly expand beyond London. You can also begin studying online straightaway at LSBF Manchester, even if your background is not in financial education.

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Transferable skills

Even if you tick all the boxes for your chosen financial sector entry point, there is still no guarantee that you will receive a job offer. This is where boosting your own personal profile comes in. By showing that you have achievements outside of the financial sector or educational activity that matches the needs of a bank, you can certainly improve your chances of gaining employment. If you operate your own small business, for example, then you will be able to show a strong understanding of market forces, which is relevant for any bank.

You may have a variety of understandable reasons to look for a job in the financial sector. From the excellent rewards package that it can offer over the long term to the diversity of work that you could end up doing if you are successful, this sector has all sorts of benefits. With many financial sector jobs now open and accessible to people from all walks of life, there has never been a better time to get involved. Educational opportunities are also available to help boost your career chances and ensure that you give yourself the best possible odds of success.