How to actually get fit with a home workout routine

Stay at home… stay in shape

Plenty of people have the goal of getting in shape. However, many don’t actually pursue this goal. Sometimes the reason is simply because they assume they need to join a fitness club to start exercising regularly. They might feel they can’t justify the cost of a gym membership. Luckily, while this is an understandable assumption, it’s not one that’s actually based in reality. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic where gyms are closed for the foreseeable future. Now is the perfect time to explore a home workout and establish a routine.

Getting in shape without joining a gym is much easier than you think. With just a pair of comfortable sneakers and motivation, these tips will help you stay fit doing a home workout. 

Start with bodyweight exercises

Although cardiovascular exercise is important, to get the best results, you should perform some resistance exercises as well. Resistance training burns calories, builds muscle, tones your body, and strengthens your joints.

That doesn’t mean you need access to weights or gym equipment. Your own bodyweight can provide all the resistance you need to get started. Simple exercises such as push-ups, squats, and similar moves can be far more effective than you might realize. You can perform them even in a small apartment.

Combine exercises

A strong workout regimen doesn’t merely involve performing one exercise. Instead, you should combine exercises into circuits. This ensures you’ll target all major areas of your body.

For instance, you might do a set of squats, followed by a set of push-ups, then a set of jumping jacks, and finally a set of lateral lunges, repeating the process three to four times. You can also easily find other bodyweight circuit recommendations online.

Work out a few days a week

Don’t make the mistake of working out only once a week! You’ll be more likely to achieve your fitness goals if you exercise three to four times a week. Additionally, try to set aside specific times to work out. Scheduling fitness is key to making it a consistent part of your lifestyle.

Just make sure you do give yourself a chance to rest as well. Many people just starting to work out don’t realize that exercise can actually have a detrimental effect if the body doesn’t have a chance to recover.

Keep improving

If you stick with a fitness regimen, you’ll start to notice your fitness improving sooner than you might have expected. Eventually, your circuits might start to feel easy.

That’s when you need to add new challenges. For instance, when performing push-ups, you could hold a resistance band on the floor with the band section behind your back. This will add extra resistance to the exercise. Or, when performing jumping jacks, you can quicken the pace, burning more calories as a result.

Once again, lack of a gym membership and shelter-in-place orders shouldn’t stop you from exercising. These points prove it doesn’t have to.

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