How music can improve self confidence

Woman playing music with self confidence

Did you know music can improve self confidence? Many people today have difficulty with self esteem, with all the failures and frustrations in life. But if you are someone who spends most of their time thinking about what went wrong the other day, you can lift yourself up with the help of music.

Woman playing music with self confidence

Music is known to be an effective antidote to the negative feelings you have about yourself. So instead of spending time feeling sad because you think you are not enough, you can choose to learn music, play musical instruments or just listen to your favourite songs.

Here are the different ways music can improve self confidence

Language development

In Finland, they are using the ‘musiikkileikkikoulu’ method in teaching kids. This is an approach aiming to teach children at an early age to play music. During this time, the children do not have a formal education yet. They are just being taught to play a musical instrument. This approach has been established because of the connection between music and language improvement. It has been noted by many researchers that children who started playing instruments at a very early age develop the ability to speak different foreign languages easily.

If you decide to take learn to play a musical instrument, your brain activity will increase. With this, you are also developing other skills related to language development. And in turn, language development is known to be a key to building self confidence.

 Enhances social skills, leading to better self-esteem

There are studies showing how music can help enhance social skills. Perhaps you find it hard to mingle with other people. If you want to learn how to practice your social skills and develop your self esteem in the long run, you can start loving and learning music.

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You will feel start to notices changes in your social skills. Research has shown learning music can aid the development of communication skills and positive social behaviour.

Music makes us smarter

Looking at the life of Albert Einstein, music played a great role in his early life. He started playing violin when he was only six years old. Here are some ways on how music can help you become smarter. It can:

  • Improve your ability to improvise which leads to a more extensively working brain.
  • Help to enhance your ability to recognize and memorize the sensory information you get from seeing, touching and hearing.
  • Increase you IQ – support by the “Mozart Effect” theory.
  • Change your brain structures and improve the way you think.

Better discipline

If you are looking for ways to achieve your goals, you need to know that dedication and discipline are vital elements that can help you go up the ladder. Here are the different ways on music can help you learn discipline. It will:

  • Give you the ability to work and concentrate even in the middle of distractions.
  • Help you learn commitment through practice schedules.
  • Teach you how to make schedules for your priorities.
  • Give you skills from memorizing notes and learning pacing.
  • Improve your coordination.

Boosting creativity

There is a strong correlation between music and creativity. If you are learning music, you will realize how your brain improves and how your creativity is enhanced when you are playing music. Musical composition is only possible when you know how to use all the notes and put them together to be played in harmony. This activity in music requires complete engagement from the different areas of the brain. Your ability to think logically, to judge and to be critical has to be activated. With this, you are enhancing your ability to spontaneously think in a more creative way.

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Playing music also requires improvisation. According to research, when a musician tries to improvise, the language and motor area of the brain are active. The condition of the brain is the same as a person who is meditating. As you listen to music, you are not only helping your brain relax. You are also activating your creativity. Your creativity is one of the keys to help you be more confident in presenting yourself to other people.

We all need music in their lives. We live in a world where there are a lot of distractions that can cause stress and depression. Include music in your daily activities and you will certainly see how your levels of confidence will increase.

 Give yourself a break from this world full of expectations. Relax and enjoy the music…

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