How more women can get their big break in tech

It’s certainly true to say that more and more women are breaking into the technology industry as time goes on.

woman in technology industryWhether it’s Marissa Mayer who used to head up Yahoo! or Sheryl Sandberg over at Facebook, Silicon Valley is increasingly making a welcome shift towards gender equality. But there’s still a very long way to go.

The US technology industry as a whole is male dominated, and many major companies are around 60-40 in favor of the guys. With this in mind, here are some practical tips for women who want to overcome these barriers and surge ahead in a tech career.

Get some inspiration

Inspiration is the first step towards a great life choice, so reading an account of other women who have made it in tech is a good move. Lean Inby Sandberg is often recommended, although there are plenty of others available to buy online.

If possible, getting a coach or a mentor is also a good idea. They can provide advice if you’re thinking about moving jobs to somewhere with a little more salary or a new type of challenge, for example, or they can point you in the direction of assistance if you come up against a discrimination issue at work. 

Prioritize education

Some roles in tech, such as product development, don’t necessarily require a specialist or even computer-related degree. Technology degrees are pretty much essential for coding, infrastructure or development roles, though: IT networking technology is one option, while computer science is another.

In order to gain admission, it’s important to nurture an interest in these topics from an early age – if you don’t have basic qualifications in math or a related discipline such as physics, it may be worth looking into doing this before applying to college.

Support from others

It’s a sad fact of life that many people in the modern world still assume that mothers and wives will take on the lion’s share of work in the home. However, women looking to break into tech first need to make sure they’ve broken out of that perspective and got some support around them.

Tech firms can demand long hours, for example, so it’s wise to ensure that partners back at home do 50% of the housework to make it fair and square. For higher earners, meanwhile, it may well be a good career investment to hire a cleaner who can take these obligations away and allow you focus on your work. 

Working in technology is a great decision, and that goes for whether you’re a man or a woman. But for women looking to enter tech, the barriers can be higher – and the odds, sadly, are not statistically in your favor. That’s why following some of the advice outlined here is essential.

By making sure you take up all educational opportunities, getting a support network in place and more, you can ensure your tech career gets off to a flying start.

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