How I got my life back: Jennifer’s journey beyond incontinence

Incontinence can be debilitating. But finding the right treatment is truly liberating.

When you hear people use words ‘life-changing experience’ and ‘amazing results’, you can be forgiven for thinking they may be exaggerating.

However, for Jennifer Jones this is the perfect way to describe her experience over the last two months. Suffering from incontinence from the age of seven, she has now discovered a treatment that really has changed her life.

Incontinence is a topic that is rarely talked about in terms of a life-debilitating condition. In some strange twist of clever advertising it has become acceptable to refer to ‘oops moments’ and ‘laughing when leaking’.

Are we classically using humour to over look a health condition that we should be taking much more seriously?

Involuntary leaking is not normal and we shouldn’t accept it. Because incontinence is treatable. Wearing pads should not be your final solution.

Jennifer’s story

Little accidents were a common part of her life, particularly when laughing. One day at school she just couldn’t hold on any longer and wet herself in the classroom. It was at this point her mum took her to the doctors, aged only 7.

Over the years they tried various treatments which did not provide any significant results and in some cases where very painful. So Jennifer and her family had to learn to project manage her incontinence and developed strategies to cope. Things like making sure she had enough pads and changes of clothes to use when the inevitable would happen.

Incontinence became her constant companion. It was just part of Jennifer.

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Fortunately, it didn’t hold her back from anything she wanted to do or achieve. It was though an obstacle to tackle along the way, which at times has been incredibly challenging.

Fast forward to May 2019 when Jennifer met Hannah Flemming Hill from the NewU clinic, which uses the BTL Emsella chair to treat incontinence.

When she first heard about the non-invasive treatment Jennifer was skeptical. Still, she wanted to take any opportunity to improve her condition.

The BT Emsella chair simulates the effects of thousands and thousands of Kegel exercises – which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles – in a single session. Users remain fully clothed and simply sit on the chair. They experience some tingling in the pelvic area, and can resume everyday activities straight after treatment.

The BT Emsella chair helps you restore bladder and pelvic muscle control without time-consuming or uncomfortable exercises, over a course of six non-invasive 28-minute sessions.

After just one treatment she could feel a difference.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing your Kegel exercises right then that’s exactly the position Jennifer had found herself in. The sensation during the treatment also highlighted where her pelvic muscles were, a huge help to her.

With a renewed sense of optimism that this chair could fix her incontinence she decided to continue with the full course of six treatments.

What happened next?

Life changing. That’s the end result for Jennifer. At 32 she now has her life back.

We were lucky enough to hear Jennifer speak at our menopause event recently. The emotion in her voice showed the effect the treatment has had on not only her life, but her family’s tool. She feels liberated and no longer has to worry about what might happen if she laughs too long or jumps too high.

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In Jennifer’s own words “You’ll never understand the relief not to have incontinence any more, and while I don’t like the word, it’s nice to feel normal

Find out if the treatment can work for you by getting in touch today.

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