How do I find the right wedding photographer?

How to find the right wedding phtographer

Getting the right wedding photographer is an important part of your big day.

How to find the right wedding phtographerA wedding is a hectic time and, like everything else, planning ahead is important. A bride and groom want to have the time of their lives, but need also to consider that their wedding photographer is there to provide them with good photos. There are a few things that anyone can do to make the entire process easier before the wedding to ensure the wedding photographer can do their best work.

This may seem like a bit of a bother for the bride and groom, but lack of planning for the big day when all those photos are taken can result in a lot of confusion. The best way to avoid a disaster and ensure a smooth, streamlined experience is to follow a few basic guidelines:

Know your mind.

Agree on a price and a package far before the wedding day. Not only that, but once this is agreed on, don’t change it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Is it such a bad thing to change a wedding photo package after it’s been agreed on? Not necessarily, but changes of mind on photo packages usually lead to more changes of mind. Multiple changes can result in confusion and that can lead to disappointment. The same can happen if the price starts jumping up and down with the changing package!

Agree a style

Make sure that you’ve agreed on a style for the photos ahead of time and communicate this to your photographer. This may not seem like a big deal, but bright or dark colours, the amount of light that’s going to be there, are all important things the photographer has to consider when taking their photos. They can certainly roll with the punches, but if they already know what to expect of the day, they can be best prepared for the shoot, and that will show in the end product.

It’s also really important to discuss what your expectations are for that day. People are a funny type of creature in that everyone believes that what they think and believe must be what everyone else does, too! It’s important to sit down with the photographer and go over what is expected of them on that day. More than one bride has probably been surprised to get a definite “no” on some of their expectations!

Get to know them

This also contributes to a bigger picture. It’s always a good idea to get to know the professionals that are helping to make a wedding day a truly great day. The better a person knows another person, the better they are at knowing when and how to make requests and also realizing what they can and can’t be relied on for. 

Plan your pictures

Always choose the place for the wedding shoot in advance. This is a must for any decision in wedding photography. That should be obvious, but what may be not so obvious is to let the photographer know ahead of time where the location for the shoot is. No, they aren’t going to go there and decide on the area’s “aura” or anything else that might be considered strange! They will likely know the area, and so, be better prepared when the day comes.

Choose your exact location ahead of time, as well. A wedding party may have decided on taking photos in a specific park, but they should also pick a few specific places within the place, itself. Once the exact place is chosen, allow the wedding photographer some leeway to make adjustments as they’re probably better able to predict how the photos will turn out.

Finally, and most importantly, remember that photographers are human, too! They are there, along with many others, to ensure that a person’s wedding day passes by without any problems. Everyone there, though, also has feelings and a wedding photographer can’t do their job very well if they’re crying so hard that they can’t see through the lens! It sounds funny, but there are many professionals who end up in tears on a wedding day because of their treatment.

A wedding day is always about the bride and the groom, of course. It’s their big day and no one can take that away from them, nor should they. But, no one should ever treat people unfairly at a wedding.

The result of good treatment is that everyone will end up being united in one big, happy celebration. 

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