The Honey Hunter: Virtual whirlwind

592px-Romeo_and_Juliet_detail_by_Frank_Dicksee-300x243Blue Eyes came from nowhere. There he was smiling in nearly every photo, in different locations, out with friends, on holiday… not posing and pouting in selfies taken in his living room (seriously – do women like that?). His profile was well written (good spelling and grammar), warm, charming, funny without trying too hard…

I took a chance and winked. He took a chance and winked back. I took another chance and emailed him. He took another chance and emailed me back. And then we lived happily ever after… not quite.

There was banter, wit, smiley faces, winkey faces, more banter and then… Dun. Dun. Dun. He hinted at a date. Yes a date. The thing that I seek. The thing you hope everyone on a dating site would be searching for. A date. We even got it down to being a date with numbers in it – an actual day.

I could not sleep, I imagined the whole evening… the hair tossing, the smiling, the giggling, the hand-holding, the staring into each other’s eyes, the goodnight kiss, the trouser bulge. There were fireworks, bunting, crowds cheering, cannon salutes, ‘O Fortuna’ from ‘Carmina Burana’ playing loudly, Barack Obama congratulating us in person… it was perfect from beginning to end. I was exhausted.

To say I have developed a small virtual crush would be an understatement. Out of all the men I have been in contact with Blue Eyes is the one that clicks, the one that feels right, the one I genuinely want to meet and not just for the sake of having a date.

Alas… (Yes, I said ‘Alas’), Blue Eyes has now informed me that he has realised he is busy the weekend of our date. He has asked me if I want to rearrange, yet has also told me that he will understand if I don’t. The smell of the fireworks is still in the air, the bunting is tatty, the crowds have dispersed, the cannons are out of balls, there is no music and Barack is nowhere to be seen. Blue Eyes has made me blue.

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What does it all mean? Perhaps he doesn’t really want a girlfriend and is yet to admit it to himself, or he has started dating someone and wants to be respectful, or he is married, or he is in prison or simply has mental problems or all of the above.

Either way, Missy has almost had a date…

I asked him if he wanted to rearrange.

Now I wait.

A chap wanted to chat on Instant Messenger – his opener was, “Sex cam?”


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