Home heating: The pros and cons of gas systems

Gas systems: family in front of gas fire

With winter officially behind us, you may not be thinking of how to heat your home right now.

Gas systems: family in front of a gas fireHowever, if you are in the market for a new heating system, this may be the best time to price check and install a new system to ensure your home is warm and cosy when the cooler months roll back around.

Using a natural gas heater in your home is one of the most popular choices in Australia for good reason. Gas heating generally performs better and are more dependable than their electric counterparts. They also warm your home quicker, keep it much warmer than other types of heating and are more affordable than electric units.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of installing a gas heater in your home so that you can make the right decision to keep your family warm and cosy.


An excellent advantage of natural gas heaters is their effectiveness in relation to cost. Finances are always a concern for homeowners and no one wants to overpay when it comes to heating. With natural gas heaters, you will not be disappointed in the amount you are spending as the cost to run the heater is very minute.

However, there are a few cons to the cost of gas heaters, particularly in relation to the system installation. A natural gas heater needs a natural gas line. They are fixed to the line, so you may incur the cost to run the gas line into your property if one is not already installed locally. In addition, a natural gas heater must be professionally installed for the safety of yourself and your family as well as to keep the warranty intact.

Better for the environment

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A gas heating system is much better than other alternative fossil fuels like coal and oil. Natural gas is not the cleanest energy source when compared to solar or wind sources, but when compared with other fossil fuels used to heat your home, gas is a much better choice for the environment. When oil is burned, it produces double the amount of carbon dioxide, which harms the environment more so than gas. In addition, gas does not emit any sulfur, which also assists in the efficiency as well as making it greener.


One of the major benefits of a gas heating system is that if the electricity goes out, your gas system will not be affected. Considering the HVAC, lighting, water heater, and a multitude of other systems will go down without electricity, know that your natural gas furnace or heater will still be running keeping you nice and toasty warm. It’s great to know that if there’s a storm that causes the power to go out, you and your family can still rely on your gas heating system to keep you warm and cosy.  


Another great advantage of using natural gas heaters is the speed at which the home will warm up. With natural gas heaters, due to the combustion of the gas, your house will warm up not only quicker but will be warmer than the heat an electric heater would be able to produce and maintain.

A gas heater system is a great investment

When looking into gas systems for your home, there are many choices to consider. If you already have a natural gas line to your home, you will not have to incur the installation cost to place the line. Natural gas is cheaper than electric, and it burns quicker and hotter meaning your home will warm up quicker and stay warmer. The efficiency and dependability of a gas heating system is a big draw for homeowners, making it one of the most popular choices across the country.