Henpicked reviews… Yoga hands and toes

Henpicked reviews Yoga Socks and Gloves

As a yoga teacher, when Henpicked asked for volunteers to test the John Lewis Live Better range, the Yoga Hands and Toes socks and gloves were a no brainer for me.

Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Gloves, One Size, Black/PinkFor practising yoga I’d say that the socks are very handy for standing poses; they’re good on a plain wooden floor, when I’d normally find it hard to keep from slipping.

I’d recommend you have them handy when you’re out somewhere and you don’t have a mat with you, or for keeping your toes warm in recuperative poses.

I tested them one winter morning in a yoga class, and a couple of my students looked on enviously. I wouldn’t wear them to a class myself as a student, as I know that all my teachers would tell me to get them off at once. No one wears socks in a yoga class ever except for relaxing at the end. Even then it’s frowned on.

We go into great detail about what to do with the foot skin, toes, inner arches, heels metatarsals. Everything leads to a deeper understanding of the inner and outer body. Socks put a barrier between the foot and the floor and block the contact and your mind is less aware of what your feet are doing. So not great for a class, but fine if you’re on holiday, for example, with no mat at all.

And I would let my older and colder students wear them if they needed. Some have circulation problems and chilly feet are their biggest issue in class, not how strong, stable or bendy they are.

Gaiam No-Slip Yoga Socks, One Size, Black/PinkThe socks are the best yoga footwear I’ve tested, and in 18 years I’ve tried most of it. Socks that you don’t slide out of while doing a proper five-minute downward-facing dog are unusual. The posh yoga shoes are great for walking to and from the class from the changing room, but restrict your feet too much if you want to feel the detail of the poses.

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The gloves? They do stop your hands sliding on the plain floor, so when you’re matless they’ll do nicely. On the mat they don’t help, as your hands slide forward within the gloves, until they slide up between your fingers. Then again, they’re so cosy that the moment I’d left the yoga room I wanted to keep them on all day.

I’ll be packing them for weekends away. They take up less luggage space than even my tiny travel mat.

John Lewis provided Sarah with complimentary Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks on the understanding that she would provide a real, honest review.