NEWA – Henpicked review *****


One of the best things about running a skin clinic for 23 years was that I was constantly offered ‘the latest thing’ to try at my leisure, in return for feedback.

Woman using NEWA, sitting on a white sofaThis, however, did not always go the way that the manufacturers expected and I have a considerable stack of home use devices gathering dust in my house. These included light devices, apparently safe for treatment around the eye, but actually so bright that my husband took refuge behind magazines if I even turned them on in the living room!

As everyone who knows me will agree I am brutally honest about things, so ask my opinion at your peril if your product does not match my exacting standards.

It is no surprise then that I now only accept offers from companies I know and trust implicitly to have done their homework well before anything actually reaches the public.

With this in mind I was very excited when, in October 2016, I was given a Newa home-use Radio Frequency (RF) device to try, which promises to tighten facial skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Created by the company behind Endymed 3 Deep RF machines, used in high-end clinics around the country, this is the first and only RF home use device to have FDA approval. Because it uses radio waves there are no bright flashing lights and it is safe and extremely pleasant to use.

What does the NEWA treatment involve?

There are three areas on each side suitable for treatment: the upper cheek/under eye area, the lower cheek and the upper neck. Each area takes four minutes, so you can treat all six areas in 24 minutes. First you apply gel to the treatment head which helps the RF to penetrate. You’ll feel a gentle warmth as you move the treatment head in continuous small circles over the area.

Once the area is up to the necessary temperature the back light turns from blue to green and the RF passes intermittently to keep the skin at a constant temperature. In-built sensors pause the RF if you hold the device statically on your skin, making this a very safe treatment. The machine vibrates once the four minutes are up and you can move on to the next area. It couldn’t be simpler.

How does the NEWA work?

Watch the demonstration video

Watch the demonstration video

The specifically designed treatment head creates three layers of deep heating in the skin, while protecting the delicate epidermis, so this is not simply a surface effect.

The heat from the RF reinvigorates existing collagen but also leads to new collagen production down in the dermis, or growing layer of skin, creating a plumping and skin- volumising effect.

Increased blood supply creates more efficient skin cell renewal, which leads to improved skin luminosity and tighter skin with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The clinically proven results follow many years of research and development on the in-clinic machines, now adapted for home use.

How long before results are visible?

There is a short-term lifting and firming effect visible even after the first session which lasts for up to several hours.

Celebrities, allegedly, use this effect by booking into Harley Street clinics before nights out and now we can do the same in the comfort of our own homes! What’s not to like?

Longer-term results, however, take more time and patience to see and feel. You need to use the device five times a week for the first month. You can reduce this to two or three times a week after that.

One month should be long enough to see an improvement in the surface texture and luminosity of the skin, although some older ladies and smokers may need more time. After two months you’ll notice a reduction in depth of fine lines and wrinkles and texture will continue to improve.

You can achieve an ongoing effect by continuing to use the machine twice a week. Real collagen regeneration can take three months or more to show. This is why creams will only ever be able to claim that they ‘may reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles’ as opposed to actually creating a physiological and visible difference in the structure of the skin, as this device can do.

So can we now turn back the clock?

Unfortunately, the simple answer to that is No, despite what manufacturers of anti-ageing creams may try to tell us. Ageing begins in our 20s and carries on throughout our lives so we cannot totally reverse it. What we can do, however, is slow things down quite considerably and boost collagen production wherever, however and whenever possible because when it comes to skin, collagen is the key.

How big is the machine?

The Newa is a small, neat, hand-held device which plugs into the mains so there is no need to recharge batteries.

Does this device actually work, have I seen results and would I recommend it?

The simple answer is yes, yes and yes. Immediately after the first treatment I knew by the level of temporary lift and tightening. This was not simply a small, diluted and therefore ineffectual version of the treatments I had been doing in my clinic for years.

Within a month my skin texture was smoother and softer and my forehead lines were not really noticeable – even though I had delayed my usual Botox treatment so as not to disguise the effects. I am in my 60s and wasn’t expecting rapid results.  So I was really pleased to see such improvement in the luminosity of my skin I’ve been able to wear even less make-up.

After two months fine lines around my eyes were less noticeable and my skin felt firmer to the touch as I applied creams. And I apply LOTS of creams. I have also noticed good tightening effects on the skin laxity I am developing on my lower face. This is actually known as jowling but that, for me, is a technical phrase too far.

Overall my skin looks fresher and clearer and the fine veins on my cheeks are less noticeable as my collagen improves. I will most certainly be continuing to use this device and look forward to even more improvement.

Here are some before and after photo results.

And the all important price?

Newa retails at £349, which I believe is an exceptional price for such an innovative and effective home-use device.

The gel used with the machine is £35 per tube. The one which comes with the machine will last approximately one month. Usage after that will be one per two months, so ongoing cost is only about £15 a month. Visit the Newa website to find out more.


*I have a longstanding relationship with the manufacturers of this machine. They also supply many products which I offered for sale in my clinic. I still buy their products as I believe that they are some of the best on the market. I receive no income from the sale of these machines. This article purely for educational purposes in a world where it is easy to be swamped by misinformation.