Henpicked reviews… Maya Confident Curling and Styling Crème

Montage of photo images for women using Maya

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, so what could be better than a product that keeps your style for longer and helps it stay shiny and glossy?

Montage of photo images for women using Maya

Just a few of the women who gave Maya the thumbs up!

When Michelle Sewell, creator of new Maya, asked us to try her product, we jumped at the chance.

Michelle created the product initially for mixed ethnicity hair, although it works well on all textures. Her own mother used fabric conditioner on her hair – yes really – and Michelle was always searching for something which reduced frizz for both her and daughter Scarlette.

Unable to find what she wanted, she created her own – and Maya was born.

The Confident Curling and Styling Crème is a unique blend of 12 natural oils. The instructions are to finger comb it through wet hair and then either leave to dry naturally or add curlers for a few hours for extra-bouncy curls. Alternatively you can use it with heated appliances in the normal way.

Some of our testers used it as an overnight hair mask with great results too – it’s conditioning but not greasy. You don’t need much – a little goes a long way.

Here’s what our testers had to say about Maya:

“I’m thrilled with discovering Maya. It’s lovely to find a natural product which leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and easy to manage.” Jacqui Sankey

“Maya has given me the option to wear my hair curly, which I’d resigned myself to never doing. It’s quick and easy to use and it smells gorgeous.” Kay Garrett

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“Wow, what a difference Maya has made to my hair. As you get older, your hair texture changes and becomes more coarse, especially if you go grey. I have a full head of long, thick grey hair which had also become very flyaway. Maya makes it feel smooth, look shiny and NOT greasy. An amazing product.” Jacqueline Seddon

“I’ve always desired bouncy, curly hair. My poker-straight, chemically treated hair was looking dull and lifeless. I didn’t get on very well with curling but I did notice very quickly how much improved the condition of my hair was becoming. Even if I styled it with my hot air brush, I found my bounce and style lasted hours as opposed to minutes. I’m not sure I could live without it now!” Misia Smith

“Amazing product that left my hair soft and manageable whether wearing it straight or naturally curly.  It smells divine, too!” Krys Wojnarowicz

What’s next for Maya?

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Michelle Sewell (middle): creator of Maya

Michelle was delighted with our feedback – there’s lots of information on her website about the product and how to get the best results.

Her presence on social media has attracted the attention of beauty bloggers and new users. And she’s continually sharing inspirational information about hair – how to achieve different styles and keep it in tip-top condition.

Chosen hair brand at Fashion Shows

Maya’s now the chosen hair brand at various fashion shows around the UK and we’re sure there will be many more offers coming in.

And the models are certainly loving what it does for their hair.

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Zimbabwe Fashion show screenshot






Models wearing Maya Model wearing Maya Model wearing Maya










And there are always new posts appearing on Maya’s Facebook and Twitter pages too:

Just a tiny selection of the wonderful Maya reviews….

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