Healthy activities for you and your children

family on bicycles

As a smart parent, you’ll know how important it is to keep your children active and healthy. There are more things for our children to do than ever before.

cartoon girl in the grassUnfortunately, many of them provide little or no exercise. From watching cable television, to playing computer games, or interacting with friends on social media, the things that children love are increasingly sedentary. This is just one of the reasons that childhood obesity is becoming a problem in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are lots of fun and healthy activities that your children will love, and you can join in with. Here are some activities that will help your child become fit and strong, and you may have just as much fun doing them as well.


If you want a great calorie burning activity that doesn’t take up much space, then trampolining is a perfect choice. Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one to suit both your budget and garden space. For added child safety, choose one that has a net around the perimeter. All children love bouncing off trampolines, and you can join in the fun too. You’ll feel like you’re eight all over again. And here’s how to choose a trampoline, according to science.
Calories burned trampolining: 240 in ten minutes.


family on bicyclesCycling is the perfect family activity. It not only keeps your child fit, it helps them see the world that they live in, and provides them with an important skill for life. Cycling is just as useful for adults too.

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Save money on your commute, by cycling to work. Ask your boss if they plan to introduce a Cycle2Work scheme, similar to the one that’s proving such a success in the United Kingdom.
Calories burned cycling: 110 per mile


Healthy living doesn’t have to step when fall and winter arrive. When the snow comes, head for the mountains and get the skis out. Skiing is much easier than it looks, and it’s very exhilarating. Children will love it, and you can learn on dry slopes throughout the year. With the correct safety equipment, it’s as safe as any other activity. Children love snowboarding, for an even cooler activity.
Calories burned skiing: 223 in half an hour


Soccer is becoming the sport of choice for boys and girls across the United States. It’s easy to play, all you need is a soccer ball, and moms can join in too. I can’t promise that your child will grow up to be the next David Beckham or Christie Rampone, but they will do lots of running and improve their co-ordination skills.
Calories burned playing soccer: 600 during a 90 minute match

Walking a Dog

dog running in the snowHealthy activity doesn’t always have to be based around a sport. Something as simple as walking the dog can make a positive impact on the health and fitness of a child. They’ll also learn how to care for an animal, and gain the love and friendship that only dog owners know. Dog walking is an activity that all the family can get involved in.
Calories burned walking a dog: 204 calories per hour walk

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With all these activities, and more, to choose from, both children and parents can be healthy and fit for years to come.