Health resolutions: a new approach

New Year's Resolutions, a long list of items!!!

As we pick up the quill and begin to write the pages of the story entitled 2020, let’s reflect for a moment and get really clear on what we want.

New Year's Resolutions, a long list of items!!!It is infinitely harder to achieve a goal, a life change or anything close to absolute fitness without a realistic picture of what it looks like. Not the usual vague sentences strung together with lack of detail: ‘I have to go on a diet’, ‘I’ve been thinking about joining a gym’, ‘I’ve gained so much weight through the holidays, it all stops Monday’.

Really? Isn’t that what you said last year?

And if it didn’t work before, why not take a different approach this time? My advice is to start by writing down five detailed things you want to make happen in 2019 regarding your health. It doesn’t have to be limited to physical health, it can be mental or emotional.

Here are a few ideas:

1 At least five days a week, I will not eat after 7pm, until June.

This is a great idea because eating late causes restless sleep, encourages the body to store the food as fat because it doesn’t need it for energy, and leaves you with a nice paunch to wake up to.

2 I’m not going to dread my way through another Zumba class because I just don’t like it. Instead, I am going to try out a few new workouts, visit two gyms and check out the vibe, and find something I enjoy doing and commit to four times a week for six months.

This is wonderful! Sentencing yourself to a workout you hate is not only miserable, but the chances of success are greatly diminished. Do some research, don’t just go to the gym around the corner if it’s crummy and dirty inside… hello? Find something cool and affordable – after all you’ll be spending a fair amount of time there.

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3 I want to lose five kilos and at least five centimetres off my thighs and waist by 15th June.

I love this. Now you have an actual physical goal to work with. A specific number and an allotted time frame. It’s easier to keep your eye on the prize when you can see what it looks like.

4 I am going to eat lean meat and vegetables strictly five days of the week. And consume at least 1.5 litres of water a day.

Purrrfect. This will increase your energy levels, and hydration will help your elimination system work faster and with less stress on the body.

5 I will journal this six-month journey, noting my accomplishments, applauding myself for the hard work, and I will read some literature that lifts my spirits and teaches me something about myself.

Nice. We don’t take enough time to acknowledge ourselves. To explore and examine our behaviours, to catch ourselves before we throw in the towel and begin to pinpoint the triggers that send us there.

Make it happen…

So to recap, here are the parameters. Be detailed about what you want to accomplish. Put a time frame on it. That does not mean you have to stop when you reach it. It just gives you something to hold onto when the old patterns seep in.

Be specific about how you’re going to go about manifesting this change. Plan it out, do some research, invest in yourself.

Recruit a partner in crime if you have a friend willing to accompany you on the journey. Staying accountable to someone else is very helpful.

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Lastly, get clear on what feeds your heart and soul and then go after it with all of your gusto!

Your goals may be completely different from my list, but this will give you a template to start with. You are beautiful, strong and worthy, so Happy New Year 2019!

About Vanessa Giorgio

I am a fitness professional and founder of hybrid fitness studio Lotus Kitty Yoga & Power Cycling in Los Angeles, California. I teach yoga, spinning, and hybrid fitness, combining disciplines to achieve greater results. My goal is to help students achieve absolute health of mind, body and soul.