Grooming while driving: it’s more dangerous than you think!

With so many things to take care of, many women juggle a number of tasks all at once. Unfortunately, this type of multitasking does far more harm than good.

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According to recent research, almost 500,000 road accidents are caused by women applying makeup while driving. Not to mention, one out of five motorists admitted to grooming themselves while on the move. That’s over 15 million female drivers in Britain alone.

Reflection on the dangers of distracted driving

Styling your hair and applying your everyday makeup behind the wheel is a major issue that drivers have – it’s called distracted driving. It is a term that describes any habit or activity that may take the driver’s attention away from the road. Some drivers may be running late to work or an important event, so they choose to put on makeup, style their hair, and everything else while they drive. When you are behind the wheel, it is important to maintain your focus 100% on the road to stay alert.

Types of distraction

  • Visual distraction – taking your eyes off the road
  • Cognitive distraction – mind is elsewhere and not on driving
  • Auditory distraction – attention is focused on what you are listening to
  • Physical distraction – hands off the wheel

In 2016, 397 out of 1445 fatal crashes resulted in death, due to the “failure to look.” Putting up makeup in the car can also make it difficult to spot the early signs of danger that may sneak up from behind. In fact, women applying makeup in the car often focus on the rear-view mirror to view their application.

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This action alone reduces your ability to stay alert in traffic from the front and from behind. Even if you manage to escape being stopped or hit for distracted driving, applying an extra layer of mascara simply isn’t worth it.

Tips to avoid distractions while driving

Distractions while driving, especially during the winter are a recipe for disaster. That is why it is important to avoid the morning rush and never groom on the road. Here are some quick tips to help you resist the temptation behind the wheel.

  • Plan ahead
  • Never drive while you’re fatigued
  • Keep your makeup bag out of reach
  • Do not use cruise control, especially when driving on a slippery-prone surface (wet, sand, ice)
  • Wear your seat belt every time you drive or get into a vehicle
  • Pull over when necessary

Safety while driving

The winter season can be the most joyous time of the year, but also the most dangerous. Once you are on the road, you will need to remember to slow down and focus. Driving too fast or being distracted are the leading causes of snow driving accidents. After all, it is always better to get to your destination safely than to get in an accident along the way.

If you simply cannot wait to fix your hair and makeup, pull over to the side of the road or ask your partner to take the wheel. The few extra minutes may add to your commute but will be a small price to pay for your safety and others around you.

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