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You’ve probably seen the words ‘free from preservatives and artificial flavours’ written on all kinds of food packaging, but what does this really mean?

No preservatives - articleRecently, I’ve been watching River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and it got me questioning what I eat. Where does my food come from and what’s really in it?

So I started reading the packaging on foods. And feeling rather disturbed by how many foods had preservatives in them, I decided it was time for a change.

Listening to my body

As a breastfeeding mother, I’m highly aware how what I eat affects my baby. I soon came to realise a pattern of restlessness and irritation in both of us, mainly after eating processed foods, chips, lollies, some breads and even stocks I added to home-cooked food.
Cover of River Cottage cookbookI began to keep watch for anything with a preservative or a number (those starting with E are the worst culprits). Nearly all the foods I bought had some sort of number. Some are said to be harmless but I wanted to eliminate them and free my body.

Removing my formerly beloved comfort foods from my diet made me realise that although I sometimes craved them, they didn’t always make me feel good. And the more I learned what was actually in them, the less I wanted these kinds of food.

I discovered there are even yummier foods I can cook to give me comfort. Pizza bases, rough puff pastry, a double batch of cookies that froze for later… suddenly I had a renewed enjoyment of planning my weekly menu and sourcing local produce.

I’m now excited about what I can do with food and it’s become a family affair – my husband and two little ones are having fun in the kitchen, too. My body is feeling healthier with less headaches, irritability and tummy aches. More importantly I have a sleeping and contented baby.

I no longer crave salty foods, but find I’m wanting to eat more healthy foods.

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For me, removing preservatives from my diet is a lifestyle and mindset change, one that is most definitely for the better. Although I still occasionally enjoy chocolate, I’m much more careful about what sort and the quantity I consume.

After years of eating preservatives, I notice a significant change now when I do have a food or drink with colourings or preservatives. I usually regret it and discover that it didn’t taste as good as I remember!

The best gift I can give my family is healthy fresh food that’s preservative free…

How to free yourself from preservatives

  • Check the packaging on food you’re buying. There’s generally an equally good product that’s better for you.
  • Get to know your local health food store. You can often bulk buy which saves you money.
  • Fresh is best. Check out your local farmers’ markets.
  • Grow your own whenever and wherever you can – in your garden or in your allotment.
  • Make instead of buy – this is so often easier than you think.
  • Make changes slowly so you don’t overwhelm yourself. This will make it easier to succeed long term.
  • Remember, you are making a change for the better.

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