Go make a difference…

If I asked if you wanted to Go MAD you’d probably look at me as if I was, well, mad. But if I told you that Go MAD stands for Go Make A Difference, hopefully you’d take me a bit more seriously.

Woman spinning platesWhat is Go MAD?

It’s a way of helping you think creatively about your life, how you want to live and how to achieve your goals.

Working in HR and as a career coach I’ve often helped people to focus on what’s important to them, whether that’s working out what’s best for their business or themselves and their careers. I discovered the best way to do this was to let creative thinking uncover the right decisions.

And this is really what Go MAD means. It’s a framework which helps us decide what we want and how we can accomplish this – in a way that fits in with our busy lives. Essentially, it’s about setting achievable goals, then testing your commitment and self belief that you can make them happen. The system stretches your mind, teasing out any obstacles which could get in your way and helping you work through, and overcome, your negative thoughts.

Many of us have deeply embedded mind sets, but with a little work these can also be changed as we build confidence in our own skills and abilities.

When to Go MAD…

You may have so many plates spinning you wonder how you fit everything in and some planning and time management could help.Well, you might be considering your career, whether now is the time to try something different, such as new working patterns or hours (or even the job itself), or maybe whether to carry on working or go back to work at all.

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It’s not just about work though – the system can really help with things like planning a big occasion or holiday. Trust me, it worked a treat in planning our last family holiday!

My Go MAD golden nugget

Did you know that your brain has tens of thousands of ‘grooves’ in it that take your train of thought down a certain path? This is why, over time, we start to think the same way in certain situations. If this is negative, it can stop you from getting things done. You can break this pattern using the Go MAD technique, and it only takes 30-60 times for you to retrain your brain to start to think differently.

So, consider what you want to change. Think of a situation and ask yourself what is your reaction, what is going through your mind? Leave all helpful and positive thoughts there in your mind. Any negative thoughts about risks or obstacles need to be removed. Ask yourself, are they really risks? Can you minimise them, or how could you overcome them. How do you get over or around that obstacle?

You’ll only need to practise this around 30 times for your brain to automatically start to think in this way and change those grooves in your mind that may have stopped you from doing things before.

We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking, but by using a proven technique and really focusing on what we want to achieve it’s actually quite simple to banish those negative thoughts forever…

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And this is just the start. Now I’ve introduced you to Go MAD, I’ll be sharing more tips and ideas in a series of articles for Henpicked.

About Joanne Godson

I’m a Go MAD Accredited Thinker. No don’t panic, it’s quite safe – GoMAD stands for Go Make A Difference, and it’s all about providing tools and a framework to help people think creatively about their lives, how they want to live and how to achieve their goals. I have worked in HR in business and the health service and also as a Career Coach for so many years and I have often worked with people helping them to focus on what is important to them, whether it be personally, in business or in their careers; letting creative thinking uncover the right decisions. When I am not working my time is spent with my husband and our three children. I like to spend time outdoors, whether walking with my two dogs, horse riding with my daughter or watching my boys who are passionate sportsmen. You can visit my website or follow me on Twitter @JoanneGodson.