Four tips to reduce your risk of distracted driving…

distracted driving

Stay alert on the roads.

distracted drivingRecent statistics have revealed the worrying fact that there are approximately six million auto accidents in the US every year. These accidents lead to many injuries, both mental and physical, as well as loss of life in the worst cases, and they can have many different causes. Some are unavoidable, but others could easily have been prevented.

This is why distracted driving is such a big problem.Too often, accidents happen because drivers simply aren’t paying enough attention to the road or are failing to focus on their cars, worrying more about checking their phone to respond to a text message or trying to adjust the car radio or GPS without pulling over beforehand.

A huge amount of people fall victim to distracted driving all the time, and it’s especially likely to happen if you’re a busy person with a hectic schedule involving personal and professional responsibilities to worry about. This guide will go over some top tips to help you avoid distracted driving and stay safe on the roads.

1. Know the risks

One of the best ways to try and deter yourself from distracted driving is to educate yourself on the risks and dangers of such behaviour. It’s worth taking the time to learn a little more about some of the mental and physical risks of car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Too many people think that using their phone while driving is no big deal or mistakenly believe that they can easily concentrate on driving while also doing other things in the car. But the truth is that this is a serious issue and it causes a lot of accidents. Your risks of a crash multiply significantly when you let yourself get distracted, so try to avoid this kind of behaviour whenever you drive.

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2. Never use your phone

Smartphones are amazing little devices in a lot of ways and have completely changed the world as we know it. We have new ways to communicate and interact with each another, plus a world of useful applications that can help us do anything and everything from streaming music to learning languages.

However, when it comes to driving, phones are best left on “silent mode” and ignored. Many Americans admit to using their smartphones while driving. Every time you do this, you are essentially taking your focus and concentration away from the road, increasing your chances of getting in an accident.

3. Install a safety app

As stated above, you shouldn’t be directly using your phone for calls and texts while you drive. But what if there was a way to turn this device to your advantage and actually help you reduce your own risks of distracted driving? Well, there are plenty of safe driving apps that can allow you to do just that. These apps can make you a safer driver and help you avoid using your phone too.

Many of these apps are totally free and work on all major devices. They can be set up before you start driving, so you don’t need to press any buttons or look at the screen while behind the wheel. They can offer many great features like silencing your phone’s alerts and tracking your driving performance. Plus, they can send automatic messages to any callers, letting them know you’re currently driving and will call them later on.

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4. Keep it clean

Most car owners take pride in their vehicles and like to keep them clean. But if you have a busy schedule, it’s easy to let your car get in a bit of a mess. Little items like loose change can start to build up inside the car over time, rolling around the floors and creating little noises that might distract you while you try to drive.

These distractions may seem minor at first, but can actually be some of the worst to deal with. Other messes in your car can also be distracting, so try to keep the interior clean and tidy at all times. If you notice any loose items rolling around, be sure to find them and get rid of them so that all of your focus and attention remain on the road.

Final word

Distracted driving causes a terrible number of deaths and injuries each year, and it’s wise to do whatever you can to avoid it.

Follow these tips and reduce your risks of distracted driving today.