Four things every busy woman should own

Who doesn’t love a time saving gadget?

With work, social lives, personal time and families to contend with, being a busy woman and keeping on top of every detail can be difficult. But we manage it all by finding ways to ensure our lives run as smoothly as possible. Need a little help? Here are a few things that will make organising your life that bit easier.

1. An effective to-do list

That feeling of ticking something off a list when it is complete? So satisfying, isn’t it? And simply noting down what you need to accomplish does wonders for your productivity. By writing or typing out your priorities, you can lose that nagging feeling of forgetting once your to-do list is enshrined on your phone, or written out on a daily basis.

There are hundreds of apps that will integrate your work or personal calendars and intuitively display each to-do and deadline you’ve set. Or, if you’re a little more old fashioned, invest in a lovely pad and pen, or a tear-off daily planner. Tick off your tasks with a flourish and watch your productivity soar.

2. A water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated

When you’re busy flitting from meeting to meeting, or have your head buried in your laptop, it can be easy to forget to fulfill the simplest of survival needs – drinking enough water. It’s the healthy habit everyone wants but so often forgets. So pop it on your to-do list, or set alarms on your phone to get into the routine of drinking more.

If you need an extra reminder, maybe treat yourself to a bottle that does the work for you. Choose a reusable bottle that has timed lines on the side, to remind yourself to drink a little every hour. Or invest, and get one that glows when it’s time to have a sip! There are lots of options for all budgets.

3. An instant pot or slow cooker

Take the stress out of planning meals and prep them all at once. By using a pressure cooker such as an Instant Pot, you can quickly prep a week worth of lunches in one go. Similarly, you can use a slow cooker. Leave your meal prep to cook on low over a few hours, while you work/clean/relax. Then all you need is a sturdy, insulated lunch box to store your meal, water bottle and cutlery so lunchtime is more organised and chic than ever.

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4. A portable charger and cables

There are few things more panic-inducing in this day and age than the dreaded ‘battery low’ notification. Buying a portable charger will make sure you never get caught unawares in the middle of a busy day. They come small enough that you won’t notice them in your handbag. You can even buy tassle keychains with a lightning cable/USB hidden amongst the threads, so you won’t be caught without your charger again.

These are just a few items that we recommend to streamline your life.

They could shave off those extra few minutes and eliminate a little bit of stress in your hectic schedule, so you can spend a little more time on yourself.

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