Four must-have items for seniors who live independently

senior living independently

Living independently is essential to many of us but is certainly something that many take for granted.

senior living independentlyAs we get older and head towards our golden years, there is nothing to say that we cannot remain independent and should rely on others to stay that way.

With the advancement of technology, more and more people have gained the ability and opportunity to live an independent life well into their senior years, which should be protected.

If you are a senior who lives independently or are searching on their behalf, you have probably considered, at one point or another, the types of items that you can use to ensure your continued independence. That is where we are here to help! We have compiled a helpful list of must-have, useful items. Get yourself a cuppa and some biscuits, and read on for more information about the must-have items!

1. Giving your senses a helping hand

Such as our eyesight deteriorates over time, the same can be said for our other senses too. To ensure that the seniors in our lives can continue to live independently, ensure that any issues with their senses are addressed sooner rather than later. Not only will it contribute towards their general wellbeing, but it will enable them to continue to be as independent as they want to be. Audilo is one of the many companies out there, providing customers with the tools required to live a healthy, independent life.

From hearing aids to senior phones that connect them to a loved one or assistance when required, there are plenty of aids to choose from.

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2. Make cooking easier with adapted kitchen utensils

As we get older, our muscles begin to waste away, resulting in weakness in some areas of our bodies. For the most part, this is not that much of a problem. But it could pose some issues for those living independently and how they can access things. With the development of certain kitchen utensils, seniors living alone can rest assured that they won’t need to phone for help when posed with a challenging situation.

Automatic jar openers and tin openers will positively contribute to your kitchen and make cooking delicious meals a bit easier! These utensils and many others are made with independently living seniors in mind and are also suitable for those of any age suffering from arthritis.

3. Get assistance with mobility aids

As our muscles age and waste, it is only natural that some of our mobility begins to decline too. For some, this is more drastic than others, but there are numerous mobility aids available on the market to suit various conditions and mobility levels.

For those with very little mobility, a mobility scooter can assist in your day-to-day movements. Other popular mobility aids, including the wheeled rollator, lightweight rollator, walking stick, are also available.

Furthermore, there are also mobility aids available that stay entirely in the home, including that of a stairlift and hoists. Helpful when needing to get up the stairs – if applicable – and getting out of particularly low-lying chairs and seats.

4. Get dressed in ease

The more intimate details of living independently are just as important as the other aspects of life. So we must not forget the aids available for assisting in things like getting dressed. Things that make zipping and buttoning clothing items a lot easier than previously. Not to mention, there are excellent shoe funnels available, to help you put your shoes on.

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Not only will that help with back pain, but it will mean no trips or falls from bending down.

For those looking to continue living independently, we hope that you have found some comfort and solace.

Naturally, if you need help, it is always best to reach out and seek it. There is nothing to feel ashamed about by doing so.

And there are certainly people out there who would be more than happy to help.

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