Four cool ways to decorate a toddler’s bedroom

Ideas your toddler will love…

toddler, child, bedroom, ideasAs your child gets older, the time will come for you to transform your baby’s nursery into a bedroom suitable for a toddler.

Decorating your toddler’s bedroom is a task like no other, as while for the other rooms in your house, they reflect your personal taste, this room needs to get the approval of your little one.

It can be difficult to know where to start when decorating a toddler’s bedroom, but the possibilities are endless! From experimenting with colour to adding some cool artwork, you can create the coolest bedroom for your toddler.

1. Play with colour

When decorating rooms in your home, you may be more inclined to keep the colours more neutral and minimalistic, but when decorating your toddler’s room, you can go all out with bright and interesting colours. Kids love colour, so we recommend that you explore and experiment with different colours until you find the perfect one for your toddler.

Don’t make colour choices based on gender, as even though your little girl may love pink right now, you may find yourself having to redecorate in a few short years’ time.

2. Don’t forget the magic

What makes a toddler’s bedroom stand out from any other room in your home is the sense of magic and adventure that you can create. It is important that you make your toddler’s room full of interesting and fun activities so that they enjoy being able to play and have fun in their room. But you can even integrate this into your toddler’s room décor.

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For example, glow in the dark objects are a great addition to bedrooms and add something cool and magical into your toddler’s bedroom. You can even turn it into something educational with this glow in the dark infographic from Glow in the Darkness which can help them learn about the magic behind it as they grow older. There are multiple items which you can get for them including glow-in-the-dark toys, lights, and ceiling stars which might make the perfect addition to their bedroom.

3. Get your toddler involved

Getting your toddler involved in the decorating process means they’ll be happy with the end result. Even though obviously you will have the final say about what the bedroom will look like, you will find that your child settles into their new room much quicker if they have had a say and influence on how their room has been decorated.

4. Add some artwork

It is important that you don’t forget to make the most of artwork for your toddler’s bedroom, as this is an effective, but quick and affordable way to introduce some color into the room. There are many different forms of artwork you could consider adding to your toddler’s room, from graffiti art to pop art.

By ensuring that your toddler has some input into the decorating of their bedroom, and by making it a fun and interesting place to be, you can create a cool bedroom for your toddler to enjoy.


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