Four amazing groups that support local diverse UK communities

support local diverse UK communities

One of the great things about living in the UK right now is the diverse and fabulous local communities that exist.

support local diverse UK communitiesThis melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles is what helps to make the UK such a great place to live in for us all. Without these positive influences on modern British life, things would look a lot different now.

Maintaining such cohesive communities is an important task. Many of them would welcome any support you could give especially if they are under stress for some reason. Showing your support for communities will not only help them to overcome any problems they may be facing but also make the UK a happier place to live in for all.

Which groups can you help?

One of the best ways to get involved with helping local diverse communities is by supporting the many groups that exist across the country. Many have branches throughout the whole of the UK so it is simple to find one close to you to contact. All do their best to help the communities they serve and to provide the support some residents might require.

Here are some of the worthiest around.

Tell Mama

Tell Mama is a group that provides support for victims of anti-Muslim violence or abuse. It also tracks any reported instances of anti-Muslim behaviour in the UK so a complete picture can be built up of where it happens. The group relies on members of the public letting them know of any anti-Muslim behaviour they or someone they know has been subjected too. The Muslim community can be vulnerable to racist attacks at the moment which makes Tell Mama a vital support network to be involved with.

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Women’s Aid

One grassroots group that is doing great work in supporting girls and women who suffer from domestic abuse is Women’s Aid. They provide a 24/7 free phoneline for victims of domestic abuse to call for expert and impartial advice. With statistics suggesting that 1 in 4 women will experience this kind of abuse in their lifetime, it is a great group to get involved with to help support this growing community of women in danger.


Stonewall is one of the largest and most diverse groups around and helps to support the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. As with some religious groups this is one that can experience a lot of prejudice or abuse from narrow minded people. To help redress this and raise awareness of their issues, you could join a group like Stonewall. They have been providing support and running campaigns for this community for a long time.

Disability Rights UK

First formed in 2012, this charity organisation helps to represent and fight for the disabled community in the UK. It not only battles for them to be treated fairly but also to have the same rights as able-bodied people in areas such as the workplace. If this is a community that you wish to help, then groups like Disabled Rights UK are well worth contacting.

Lots of ways to help out

The great thing about getting involved with any of the groups above that support communities in your local area is the range of ways you can help. The simplest and most popular way for many people is just to donate money to local charities. This can then be used by local groups to continue their good work in supporting their own communities.

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Of course, it may be that you feel very strongly about making a difference to the community in question in a more direct way. Why not join a local support group as an official member to assist them in raising awareness of their work? From putting posters up in the windows of your home to giving up time to work in their offices, there are lots of ways you could go about it. The feeling of self-worth this will promote is amazing and you will be making a real impact for the community you are assisting.

“Be the change you want to see” is an old saying first attributed to Gandhi. It is still relevant now and illustrates that showing your support through groups is the first step to changing things for good. By helping them in terms of finance or in other ways, you will be ensuring they can make things better for the diverse local communities that you care about.

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