Five ways to feel confident in activewear…

Every year it’s the same story: after a winter covered up, now’s the time to burn off that shame and get in shape. With the sales now fully faded, activewear is everywhere. But is it really for everyone?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been intimidated by the sight of tight-fitting leggings and teeny tiny crop tops? Well you’re not alone. Most women are body conscious, and the thought of wearing nothing more than close to a second skin is enough to put you right off a resolution to get active. In fact, a recent survey found that 65% of women avoid the gym over fear of being judged, with 55% worrying about not looking fit enough. Meanwhile, 49% fret about their clothing choice.

As a result, a lot of women who do go to the gym, or do some form of physical activity, end up resorting to wearing old baggy clothes. This is especially true as they get older and feel they can’t wear the skimpy styles out there. But this just ends up perpetuating a cycle of low body confidence. By wearing these types of clothes you’re mentally reinforcing lack of self worth and telling yourself that you need to hide.

Whatever your shape, you should be able to feel comfortable and confident when exercising. Because if you feel good about what you’re wearing, you’ll develop a healthy, positive relationship with exercise and subsequently your body.

Of course it’s all very well me saying this, but where is this magical activewear that will make you feel good? Well, there are labels out there that are waking up to women’s concerns, and designing pieces for all shapes and sizes. But there are also a few easy ways to create a new capsule activewear wardrobe you’ll love to wear

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1. Replace your old, oversized tops

Instead, try getting two or three fun, slim-fitting (but not skintight) quality cotton T shirts or tops. Perhaps they have an empowering slogan or a cheery print? Don’t think of them as ‘too nice’ to work out in. You’ve purchased them specifically with feeling and looking good in mind.

2. Have fun with your favourite colours

Bold, vibrant shades always brighten your mood and help you feel energised

3. Invest in a proper sports bra

First, look up your chosen form of activity and whether you need a low, medium or high impact bra. Then choose a bra based on your cup size rather the S,M,L etc. That way it will fit better and give you the right boost, lifting you up for a flattering shape.

4. Balance proportions

If you prefer to be looser on the top, wear leggings on the bottom for a slimmer frame. High-waisted leggings are particularly good for holding in stomachs.

5. Choose a few pieces to mix and match

Don’t just stick with one workout outfit; select a few pieces that can be worn in different ways so that getting dressed is a bit more fun.

Dreary clothes can make working out feel like a chore. Giving your wardrobe a bit of life and fun instead really boosts your motivation.

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