Five ways to control your negative emotions

Whether we like it or not, emotions are part of our lives. They can be good or bad. We can experience a good laugh while reading a message from our loved ones and it can immediately change our day. But we can also have negative emotions because we’re stuck in the traffic and are already late to an important meeting.

Either negative or positive, we deal with emotions every day, and we cannot avoid them. However, the way we master emotions says a lot about our personality. Even while you are experiencing a negative emotion, people will see you differently based on the way you manage to control it.

We all know that keeping negative emotions under control is not easy. You may be the master of dissimulation, but there are some emotions which will immediately become visible on your face. So, how do you cope with those situations?

Here are the five most effective ways to keep your negative emotions under control:

1. Try not to have an immediate reaction

There are some negative emotions which will pass very fast, while some are practically impossible to hide. For example, rage or envy are some of those negative emotions which will appear immediately on your face and alter your judgment.

What’s more, these emotions tend to grow very fast and will soon start to dominate our day-to-day activities. From here, it’s only a short step until your life balance is affected by them. In addition, negative emotions can quickly damage interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes the impact is so big that it ruins lifetime relationships.

When you are controlled by negative emotions, the first thing that comes into your mind is to react. However, this is not a successful strategy. When things are fresh, the impact can be devastating. This is why you should put in every effort not to have an immediate reaction.

Take a few minutes to think of the situation and calm down a little bit. Then, once things become clearer and your muscles start to relax, you can react. However, you will see that once your heart is not beating so fast, you will see the entire scenario with “different eyes” and you will reconsider if you should have a reaction or not.

2. Change your focus

It is a dream to live a life without negative emotions. Even though we would want to limit the number of situations when these emotions appear, this is sometimes impossible. And if you leave negative emotions to control your mind and spirit, then you will attract even more negative thoughts. So, you will be dealing with an infinite chain of negative thoughts and emotions.

So when a negative emotion arises, the best thing to do is shift your attention from it. Focus on other things or people which make you feel positive. Even though it might be difficult to think of something nice when your mind is controlled by anger or envy, this is the moment when you should think of yourself. Be conscious of the consequences these negative emotions have and do everything you can to shift your attention.

If you feel it is difficult to do it alone, you can discuss it with your friends and family and ask them to help you concentrate on something else.

3. Find your healthy escape

Not everyone can handle their negative emotions by themselves. There are people who need a special person or place to help them get back on track. For some, it works very well to talk to their best friend or spend some time with the family. It all depends on your personality and willingness to discuss your problems with others.

On the other hand, if you don’t want anyone around you when you are nervous, then you can find your peace and relaxation in a healthy escape. For some, this could be going to church, or for others maybe a corner in the house where they seek peace and relaxation in there.

One good idea is to create a book with inspirational quotes and memories which will immediately change your mood. It will help you to leave negative emotions behind and remind you of the things that really matter in your life.

4. Forgiveness is the key

You will meet lots of different people as you go through life. There will be those who will fill you with positiveness and send you good vibes. Those are the people you should spend most of your time with and look for their company when things don’t go the way you want. But, there are also toxic people who inevitably come into your life. They will drain you of energy and send negative vibes. Even though they can do a lot of harm, the best thing you can do is forgive them.

Forgiveness will help you detach from the negative feelings and forget about any resentments. Therefore, it will become easier for you to go over any uncomfortable situation and drop any envy or rage that you might carry with you. Forgiveness will also help you move on with your life and find the light in any dark situation.

5. Remember, everything happens for a reason

It would be great to have only positive emotions in our lives. However, life is made of both good or bad vibes. It is our choice if we let ourselves be drained by negative emotion. Even though this is easier in theory than practice, it’s important to remember.

When we deal with a negative emotion, the best thing we can do is think that everything in life happens for a reason. Any emotion, good or bad, is part of our lives and helps us move forward. So you should embrace anything that happens to you and consider it as a step forward.

Keeping emotions under control is definitely not easy. There are many situations in life where emotions can control our actions. It is important to stay rational and try not to lose your temper whenever something doesn’t happen as you expected. The strategies mentioned above can help a lot to get over negative emotions.

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