Five ways for caregivers to improve quality of life for seniors

Ageing is an inevitable process that can take its toll in various ways.

quality of lifeAs we age, doing things that we enjoyed while young becomes a challenge. During this period, the quality of life matters a lot, particularly for seniors with chronic infections. Many hire the services of a caregiver, who offer different elderly care services to ensure comfort. There are many ways of improving a senior person’s life as a caregiver.

 Here are some care tips to help improve an older person’s quality of life:

1. Make seniors feel useful

We all want to feel useful, and elderly people are no exception. When offering elderly care, ask them for some help around the home. Of course, they can’t help with all tasks. But they can support with tasks like writing shopping lists, folding laundry, organising drawers, clipping coupons, and preparing dinner.

2. Connect with family members                                  

Seniors are likely to feel confined when away from people that they love. The lack of connection with loved ones results in loneliness and can cause stress and anxiety. It can also lead to many other health conditions. 

How can you resolve this?

Encourage the older person to stay connected with loved ones, friends, and the community. Also, you can take photos and videos and later create an autobiography template of all the events. Do not forget to share it with friends and family and keep adding more engaging images for all the events attended.

Things to try out are;

  • Involve them in hobbies
  • Arrange for visits by friends and family members
  • Encourage seniors to attend parties
  • Plan for transportation to senior centers

3. Encourage physical activity

Exercise plays a central part in a senior person’s life. It promotes health and leaves the older person feeling energetic. Regular exercising boosts immunity, relieves stress and anxiety, and is vital for weight management.

Thus, set up an exercise schedule, and encourage the senior person to exercise more. Involve other family members to make this more fun. Such deeds will create that feeling of togetherness and is an excellent time to bond. Moreover, schedule other outdoor activities that promote exercises.

4. Promote mental activity

First note, mentally active senior adults are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A busy mind also improves overall health and wellbeing. Thus, different mind engaging activities can help improve the older person’s mental health. These include; puzzles, board games, video games, reading & writing, attending lectures, and gardening. Also, encourage them to read a book or play games that they enjoy.

5. Enhance safety 

Slips and falls are the leading causes of injuries for the elderly. Arrange the house well and label sections to aid your senior person to navigate around it with ease. Secondly, hire the services of a home safety company to conduct a safety assessment. They will help rule out any safety hazards in the home. Moreover, remove throw rugs, reduce fall hazards, make the stairs safe, and declutter. Lastly, remove extension cords on the floor, save all emergency numbers, and make them easily accessible.

6. Improve financial management

Finances are some of the elderly care issues that you may want to resolve. Most older people are concerned about their money. Thus, make recommendations on their financial portfolio and ensure that it is well organised. Set up weekly budgets for the senior person’s expenses.

Final thoughts

As a caregiver, there are various things that you can do to improve an older person’s quality of life. Involve them in decisions on issues about their health. Strive to make the older person happier by offering the best elderly care services.

Also, plan for exciting outdoor activities and involve other family members.

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