Five ways a couple can combine their home decoration ideas

home decoration

Finding the right balance.

home decorationAny couple who has ever been shopping together will tell you that your ideas will always vary even if they are perfect for each other. This is the same with a couple trying to come up with home decoration ideas. One may mostly lean towards a rustic and industrial side, while the other might prefer glam blended with a classic touch. Yes, this might bring about conflict. However, you and your partner will go through the inevitable conversation to find a compromise.

So how do you come up with a decoration option that both of you like?

1. Make your own ideas clear

Before combining your styles, make it clear what your decorative ideas are. You can make separate boards or provide pictures of what you think will suit your home. Show your significant other the décor items you believe will add poise to your living room, that curved sliding door track you have always been longing for, the flooring design you saw the other day and thought it would fit the house, or your favorite colour scheme.

After this, you can share the boards and pictures and try to find common ground. Talk about what you didn’t like and give the reason. Whatever it is, this reason will also lead you towards what both of you might agree on. Remember to be honest with each other since the decoration will be a part of your home for quite a long time.

2. Combine furniture styles

At some point, you might notice that your decorative taste strongly contrasts that of your partner. However, this should not be a cause of worry. When it comes to interior design, styling up a home with different styles can produce a beautiful space that you couldn’t have imagined.

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For example, items such as furniture come in different types, one curvy and the other straight. Therefore, the result will probably be a combination of the two.

3. Try out the 80/20 rule

The aim of this is not for the decorative styles to fight against each other but rather to work together and blend. To do so, you will have to assign each other a role in it and stick to it. You can try following the 80/20 rule, which means that you have to devote 80% of a room’s design to one style. Focusing on this will make it easier to choose colours, lighting, flooring designs, furniture, and other décor items. The second style can then play a background role. This includes wall art, bold lighting fixtures, and statement pieces of furniture.

4. Try to look for passive places

It is rare to find a person who has a strong opinion on every aspect of a decorating process. There will always be that one thing that, even though it is not your favourite, it wouldn’t bother you much if it is present or not. For example, you might not be a throw pillow enthusiast, but at the same time, you do not mind them in a shared space. You can let your partner be in charge of that area and make the whole decorating process easier and bearable.

5. Make the process fun

The decorative process can be fun or stressful, depending on how you discuss and carry out your activities. You should, therefore, try as much as possible to make it a fun activity since the goal here is to come up with a style that both of you are comfortable with.

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This decorative process is not just tiring. It can be emotional too. Therefore, even as you try to combine your contrasting ideas into one, do not use this as a platform to spark disagreements or relationship issues. Don’t let your discussion on the tile designs you want for the house turn into an argument due to a totally unrelated issue.

With love, an open mind, and a stroke of luck, you can be able to merge two styles into one unique and cohesive look.

Remember, as a couple, your home is a melding of lives; let your home reflect this.

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