Five tips to liven up dull office wear

woman in office wear

Selecting office wear can be really difficult mostly because it can be so boring.

woman in office wearThere’s a good chance you’re going to fall down the trap of buying a lot of collared, button-down shirts which you will pair with your selection of trousers or skirts in neutral colours.

Shopping for office wear should not be different to shopping for any of your other outfits. You should be putting in the same amount of thought when choosing what to wear to work, if not more, since creating an impression at work can be beneficial.

When it comes to women there are endless choices to what you can wear to work and this can be overwhelming. There are endless lists of the most suitable outfits for work but as long as you are dressed smartly, in something you are comfortable in and that reflects your personality, you should be fine.

Many women feel that office wear doesn’t leave any room for personalisation and this is where they’re wrong.

Here are a few tips on how to enhance your office wear.

Wear your size

Shopping for office wear is so much harder when your body just doesn’t seem to pull it off. Since there is such a large variety of office wear, with different cuts and styles, each piece will fit you differently.

If you require a special size then it’s best that you look for outlets that sell special sizes, there’s no point trying to fit into something too big or small for you. Trousers that are too long will need to be hemmed. Sleeves which are too long will have to be cuffed.

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The materials used in office wear are bulky and aren’t very stretchable, so you don’t want something that is too loose or too tight on you.

Also keep your body shape in mind; if you’re full figured, something overly fitted may not be appropriate in the workplace. The aim is to keep it classy; nothing too short and nothing too tight.

Play with colours

Colours will be your first step to breathing life into your office wear. Why does everyone look for dull, neutral colours when it comes to shopping for work? All it does is make you look conservative and uninteresting.

Neutrals are fine, provided that you add a pop of colour to them. Try and avoid greys, they have a way of draining other colours out. On the other hand, blacks and navy blues are chic while shades of red bring in a touch of femininity. Whenever you do pick a neutral colour, pair it with something vibrant. Bold pinks, yellows, and oranges have a way of lightening up your mood as well.

If you’re going to be wearing a one piece in a neutral then find a way to bring in some colour, either with a belt or some delicate jewellery.

Experiment with styles

There are so many cuts and styles of trousers and tops, so have a go at mixing and matching to keep things fresh.

Instead of ordinary trousers, try peg or flared trousers and culottes; they’ll bring some excitement to your look taking your style up a notch..

The same goes for skirts; try your hand at a brightly coloured flared skirt and pair it with either a black or navy blue top. Flared skirts can make any body shape look great.

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If you’re up for something that’s more fitted then find yourself a high-waist pencil skirt. The high waist discreetly tucks away any belly fat and accentuates your curves, giving the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.

Best foot forward

The importance of shoes in office wear cannot be emphasised enough. Make sure you have the staple pumps in white, black, brown and beige that will work with any outfit, but also invest in shoes with punchy colours and quirky styles that give that oomph to an otherwise plain outfit.

Heels in the office are a must to give you some height and that polished finish to your look. However, make sure that you are comfortable in your heels, you don’t want to be one of those ladies who have to take them off and hide your sore feet under your desk (but just in case you do, keep a pair of emergency flats on you).

Accessorise for success

Keep your accessories to a minimum. You don’t want anything that is too big or flashy because it will take away from the chic formal look you’re going for. For the office focus on earrings, studs, delicate necklaces and bracelets. The purpose of the jewellery is to embellish your look; it should not become a distraction.

Although most of us rely on our phones to tell us the time having an elegant wrist watch always adds to your look in the office, so save up some cash and invest in a nice wristwatch to elevate your look.

Handbags will serve a different purpose depending on your profession but make sure that it’s of good quality and doesn’t look scruffy.

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Very few people are happy to go to work on Monday morning so find yourself some extra motivation by dressing to impress.

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