Five tips for a flatter belly

How you can still lose weight during lockdown

It’s been nearly a year since the arrival of COVID-19 in China. Since then it has spread around the world, resulting in thousands of deaths. Countries across the globe have focused on lockdowns, masks, and other measures to help reduce the spread of this dangerous virus.

Being in a lockdown can be physically and mentally challenging. However with the right approach, this can be a time when you don’t just get quality time with your family, you also get to tone up.

There are several things you can do to help flatten your belly fast.

1. Review your menu

It’s normal in a hectic world to rely on ‘easy’ cooking. Slide a pizza in, snuggle up with your family, everyone is happy. But, if you find you have more time than normal, it’s time to limit the processed foods and takeaways.

This starts by getting the recipe books out, choosing the ones that look tasty, and listing the ingredients. When you go shopping, with your mask on, purchase the things on your list and nothing else.

If you haven’t got junk food at home you can’t eat it. That’s a huge step towards flattening your belly.

2. Try physiotherapy or yoga

If you can visit this reputable Botany physio then they can help you to learn a few simple exercises that will help you to flatten your stomach while dealing with any existing aches and pains. Of you can’t get to them then a phone call or email may prove beneficial.

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Failing that you can take a look online and start some yoga. It’s a great way of stretching your body, freeing your mind, and preventing you from snacking.

3. Exercise

Surprise! Exercise is part of flattening your belly. You may not be able to get to the gym but there are plenty of online workouts that you can do at home. Find something that gets your heart racing and do it for at least 30 minutes every day.

Make sure you stay hydrated as this improves the effects of exercise and reduces the likelihood of snacking after.

You can follow along or simply collect exercise moves and perform them at your own pace. The key is to get your heart pumping.

4. Create challenges

Involve your family in your belly flattening challenge. Create a game of losing weight. For example, every time someone says Voldemort’s name everyone in the house needs to do 20 jumping jacks.

Or, you can try mimicking a Jedi workout. If neither of them does it for you then try a simple dance-off with your family members. You’ll be bonding and burning fat at the same time.

5. Hold a dance party

You’ve probably enjoyed flaking in front of the television with your family. But, you can do something a little more active and still enjoy yourself, while burning fat and flattening that belly.

Have a dance party! Just pick a bunch of songs and dance around like an idiot with your family until you’re ready to collapse. That’s a workout!

Flattening your belly is the same in a lockdown as ‘normal’ life. Think about what you’re eating and keep your body moving.

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The difference is the lockdown can actually make it fun…