Five reasons hiking can be good for couples

hiking couple

Why it’s good to walk together.

hiking coupleAs we all know, there are plenty of benefits you can gain from hiking with friends, family and work colleagues. But did you know hiking can help improve your relationship with a significant other?

Over the past few years, hiking has become one of the world’s most popular outdoor pastimes. Every couple is excited about gaining the benefits of hiking on the trail near their homes. Others even travel overseas on holidays to hike on national parks and wilderness regions in foreign lands.

Most retail stores around the globe are recording an increase in sales for outdoor items such as muck boots and general outdoor footwear such as wellies. So, what is all the fuss around hiking with your significant other, and why should you start doing it?

Effective communication

We all know that effective communication is essential to maintain any relationship, whether in the office or with your loved ones at home. For that reason, it is important to nurture effective communication with your significant other.

Hiking can be demanding, both physically and psychologically, whether it is keeping track of hydration or selecting a spot to camp for the night. Most of the decisions you make must involve your hiking companion, meaning you will be communicating throughout the hiking trip.

Engaging each other in decisions such as when to take breaks and the hike’s pace can be a great way to nurture effective communication between you and your spouse. So, grab your camping outfit and head out to the hiking trails with your companion.

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Spend quality time together

Hiking is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved one. With work and everything else in life, most people barely have time to spare for their significant others. Going on hiking or camping trips can be an effective way to spend time with each other, away from distractions.

You could argue you can spend quality time together in your nearest fancy restaurant or watching a movie. However, the experience can be more enjoyable and bonding when you sit and relax on top of a mountain or hill, surrounded by nature.

Hiking the trails and camping in the woods gives you and your partner a golden opportunity to step away from your daily life. Equally, spending relaxing time in nature, away from work and the noisy city, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your significant other.

Lead a healthy and happy life

Hiking has tons of health benefits to offer. Trekking the trails is one of the best cardio exercises. At the same time, climbing and descending along the hiking trails helps keep you healthy by lowering cholesterol levels, keeping body fat low and improving bone density.

Generally, hiking helps keep the body fit by contributing to weight control and building muscle strength. Ensure you trek the trails with the right clothing, such as hiking outfit and footwear, to enjoy all the physical health benefits the activity has to offer.

Apart from the physical gains, hiking offers lots of mental health benefits. It lowers stress levels, enhancing mental wellbeing for you and your loved one. A healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, is essential to maintain a strong relationship with your significant other.

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Develop a stronger bond

Hiking together as a couple is one of the most effective ways to make the bond stronger. Trekking in the trails away from the comfort of your home or office presents you with lots of challenges. You can never predict what you will come across as you go camping or hiking in the woods.

From making wrong turns to adverse weather conditions, hiking allows you and your partner to learn how to work together towards a common goal. This helps improve understanding and develops stronger relations.

Additionally, partnering to solve problems you encounter on the hiking trails can help you develop strong team-building skills with your loved one.

Make memories together

If you want to make memories with your significant other, hiking the trails is one of the best ways to do so. Although trekking is not the most amazing thing you can do as a couple, the cumulative effect you get by sharing the experience is enough to leave an indelible impression in your mind.

You can take beautiful pictures together in breathtaking landscapes and spectacular sceneries. The one one-on-one time you spend with your significant other can create great memories.


Without any doubt, hiking with your loved one can be one of the ways to strengthen your relationship. Whether hiking or camping, it is important to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

That’s why it is essential to have appropriate clothing, from keeping feet safe with hiking and camping footwear to staying warm and comfortable with fleece jackets.