Five easy ways to drink more water every day

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How to stay hydrated…

health, water, drinking, hydrationWater is abundant across the planet, although surprisingly little of it is available for consumption at any given point in time. Nevertheless, it is an essential ingredient for life, the average adult is approximately 60% water. That water needs to be replaced regularly as it is lost through sweat, evaporation, urination, and other chemical processes.

Consider that water is essential for regulating your temperature, lubricating joints, moistening essential body parts, carrying nutrients into cells, and removing waste products. Is it time you started drinking more of it?

Fortunately, that’s surprisingly easy to do. Here are five ways to get your daily intake;

1. Carry it with you

The first thing to do is get a water bottle that is approved to be used multiple times. Plastic bottles used when you purchase water are designed to be used one-time only. Repeated use allows toxins from the plastic to leach into the water.

This isn’t the case with a dedicated water bottle. You can then carry the bottle with you all the time. It’s a lot easier to keep topping up with water if you have it with you.

2. Improve the taste

You can simply add some juice or a slice of lemon to your water bottle and enjoy the change in flavour. However, you’ll find that tap water is full of chemicals. These are put in the water to kill bacteria and strengthen your teeth and bones. Unfortunately, they also transform the taste. Add a reverse osmosis water filter to your water supply pipes and then taste the difference in the water quality. You’ll be surprised at how good it tastes.

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That will encourage you to drink more of it.

3. Use an app

Another great, and modern, way of boosting your water usage is to download one of the many apps to your cell phone. These will track the amount of water you’ve drunk every day. They can tell you if you’ve hit your target and will even remind you to drink, when necessary.

4. Drink with (or before) food

Creating a habit can take several weeks but, once you’ve created the habit it simply sticks. Having a glass of water before you eat your food is an effective way of increasing your water intake. As a bonus drinking a glass of water before you eat will fill you up more.

It can be a great aid to increasing water intake and maintaining, or even losing, weight.

5. Try salty snacks

This may seem like an unusual way of increasing your water intake. However, if you like to graze then try snacking on salty items, such as salted almonds, peanuts, or even pretzels. Salt intake will lead to dehydration which will prompt your body to tell you to drink water.

It’s surprisingly effective although you may wish to consider your waistline when you are snacking.

Switching habits to drink more water can be difficult when you get started. However, with these tips and a little motivation, you’ll be drinking more water every day in no time, without even thinking about it.