Festivals at forty?…

Concert crowd with hands showing a love heart

I’ve always loved music festivals but is it time to hang up my wellies?

Concert crowd with hands showing a love heartOctober 2012. Laptops at the ready as Glastonbury 2013 tickets go on sale. Within 20 minutes I can relax; I’m heading back to the hallowed fields in Somerset.

There is something special about Glastonbury; could it be the history of the festival, the size, the ley lines? Or knowing I’m going to meet up with my second family…my U2 friends?

Once again, 2013 didn’t disappoint and I felt at home with the teenagers, 20s and 30s.
The age group spans from a few weeks old to 60s and 70s (if you include the Rolling Stones!).
I loved it. There is something for everyone and it has a real family vibe.

Within two months of Glastonbury I was heading to the V Festival and I knew this was make or break time for a commercial festival after having a four year break.

The line-ups are more mainstream and the festival is more restrictive when it comes to what you can and can’t take into certain areas. This encourages people to smuggle in alcohol to avoid the high prices inside the arena.

Wow! I’d never seen so many young women in rollers and hairnets.

Intrigued, I ask what this was all about.

“It’s so I look beautiful tomorrow and don’t have to wear hair extensions.”

I was taken back and replied, “Isn’t a festival about natural beauty?” This makes me wonder if commercial festivals are more about the image than the music.

I was surrounded by 20-somethings and rarely saw anyone who looked in their 30s, never mind their 40s. Yes, I did feel a little out of place! So what? The music and the good time I had with friends overwhelmed this feeling.

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For those of you who have always wanted to go to a festival but haven’t yet and are 40 plus my advice is… do it, do it, do it. It has to go on your list. You will meet some amazing people and see some amazing live music. Don’t worry what others think.

I’m never going to give up on Glastonbury; there is so much to see and do. Each year I see something different and five days camping really is worth it. (There are showers!). Take your creature comforts with you; as we all know, anything goes.

You are never too old for a festival.

Are you ready to get your wellies out?

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