Fancy trying the Paleo diet?

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo diet, which is a new way of eating being adopted by an increasing number of people.

Paleo - articleWell actually, it’s an extremely old way of eating. Paleo is more or less eating how our ancestors ate before the arrival of agriculture.

Don’t panic though. You don’t need to go out hunting for mammoths or eat hunks of raw meat.

It’s about choosing the leanest, best meat you can find in the supermarket, or visiting your local organic grass-fed farm (my personal preference) to source your meat.

On the Paleo diet, you’ll be eating quality versions of:

  • Meat, poultry, fish (preferably wild, high welfare or as lean as you can get)
  • Organic or free-range eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruit and vegetables

There are a few things that are off the menu:

  • Manufactured foods such as bread and cakes, sweets and sauces
  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Potatoes

Paleo is a way of life

Although a large part of a Paleo lifestyle is about what you eat, there’s much more to it than that. You need to make sure that you get enough sleep and relaxation.

Exercise within your limits without overdoing it. Get some sunshine and fresh air, preferably in nature as often as you can.  Have fun for at least fifteen minutes a day.

How has Paleo worked for me?

seeds and nuts in a round pileI’ve been Paleo for around three months now.  I’ve had a buddy, my mum, which helps.  I have found it pretty easy but I had already cut out coffee, dairy, sugar and bread so there wasn’t such a big leap to take.

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As I suffer from ME, I am restricted by fatigue so there is no danger of me over exercising either.  I don’t need to lose weight, but I’m 46 and my abdominal area needed to reduce in size, but I just couldn’t tone or shift it no matter what I’d tried.

When I went Paleo within the first week I’d shrunk at the waist and it has stayed that way.

My weight is now stable and I more or less eat what I want, when I want as long as it’s Paleo.

My mum has lost almost 10lb up to now and it’s still coming off – she had never been able to shift the abdominal pounds either and now they’re dropping off her.

Paleo isn’t a diet that will suit everyone but it certainly is working for me.  My digestion is better (after the initial transition which can last up to four weeks), I have improved mental clarity and I’m sleeping well for the most part.

This way of eating is not claiming to cure but it certainly may help.

It’s not all about meat, either. In fact you need to make sure that you don’t skimp on good fats such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed meat fat.  You need a certain amount of carbohydrates – this is different for each individual and depends if you need to lose weight too.

I have as many root vegetables and as much fruit as I like. I find that I’m better if I eat little and often to stabilise my blood sugar.

Paleo is not as difficult as you may think

If you’re organised and prepared then eating Paleo is very easy.  You can make extra in the evening and store some for the following day’s lunch, and prepare huge salads that you can dip into for days.  Boil eggs and have them ready to snack on.

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A way of eating and living which allows you to eat delicious food, helps you lose weight and improves your sleep patterns and clarity of mind.

Why not give it a go?

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