Eyes on the prize… investment strategies for women

Investment strategies for women

What are the right investment strategies for you?

Investment strategies for womenWhether you’re saving for retirement or a big purchase, like a personal residence, there are several investment strategies that work well for women.

While many investment vehicles are becoming increasingly diverse, not every strategy is well-suited for women.

For example, a woman would be less likely to be treated fairly if she were investing in comic books. That particular market is strongly dominated by a nearly exclusive male group and comic books are marketed nearly exclusively to men, especially those comics which feature female heroines.

Real estate investment

Finding and flipping a house is something many feel is still a male-dominated industry. However, through effective research, loan usage, and contract work, women can engage in this investment opportunity. In order to find out how to flip a house, it is always best to perform ample research and ensure you involve yourself with the right team.

A team includes a finance source, individuals who can perform renovations, and real estate agents. If you have an existing contact within these industries, don’t be afraid to rely on them for advice. If you are already involved in any of these industries, you’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll more easily be able to apply your existing knowledge to the other components. When actually finding a home to renovate for a “flip,” it’s important to know some tips for single female homebuyers. Having a trusted advisor is integral to facilitate the entire flipping process.

Finally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has a number of useful guides about home ownership. They don’t depend on the length of time you plan on owning a home prior to selling it. This might be worth looking into.

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Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds offer a degree of security. There is a wide array of selection within each of those opportunities. By choosing within those categories wisely, you can determine if you will have high risk, high reward; low risk, low reward; or a moderate portfolio. Additionally, within these investment vehicles, there are many options o invest without being personally known to the investment company. This removes the male/female component from the financial component allowing investment without bias.

Alternative investments

If you have particular interest or knowledge of unique alternative investments, they are not a poor option for investment. Some examples of these would be collectible coins, stamps, and silver/gold/platinum. These are especially good choices if you already collect these types of goods as a hobby. Why not take it to the next level? It is crucial in these industries to ensure that you understand the value of particular items as well as grouped collections. It is also necessary to understand the market of these items in general and how to determine the best time to purchase or sell these objects. Similarly to stocks, etc., it is important to pay close attention to consumer trends within these investment mechanisms.

Consumer debts

Some people find it very rewarding to invest in consumer debts. This is essentially purchasing a debt which is owed to a third party for a discounted price then attempting to collect the full amount (or some amount greater than what was paid) for the debt. While difficult to manage in some scenarios, it can provide a substantial challenge to keep the attention of a more hands-on investor. This type of investment requires knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) as well as the willingness to actually contact the individual or entity that owes the debt as frequently as allowed/necessary until the debt is recovered. Like many alternative investments, it possesses an upfront purchase requirement.

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It should be noted that depending on the amount of time you want to sink into managing the investment, this opportunity yields a variety of risk/reward scenarios.

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