7 Exercises to strengthen your brain

Woman with light in her head: brain strength

Your brain is very important and deserves to be taken care of.

Brain symbolised in a silhouette of a womanThere are a lot of daily activities that can make you feel drained. If you are always stressed at work and if you are always getting more work than you can perform, your brain is also suffering.

To strengthen your brain, you need to consider different exercises that will not only involve your physical body. There are activities that will help you maintain its healthy function and can also make you feel more relaxed.

Here are some of the exercises that can strengthen your brain:

Massage your temple

If you are feeling burned out while doing your regular job, you can stop for few minutes and massage your temple. You just have to relax in your sit and use both hands to massage the side of your head. Close your eyes while doing this and continue to breathe normally. This will help in improving the blood circulation in your head. It can also help you transfer the information from your retina to your brain.

This is a stretching exercise for the eye and you can also do it the moment you wake up. It is a boosting exercise and it will help you feel better.


Reading is one of the traditional and yet timeless ways on how you can strengthen your brain. This can be done anywhere and anytime in the day. It is said that readers have more creative minds because of the many benefits that it can do to the brain.

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Here are the different ways on how reading can strengthen your brain, it:

  • Helps you relieve stress and stimulate the cognitive function of the brain.
  • Improves the memory.
  • Builds your analytical skills.
  • Is a great way for you to develop focus and concentration.
  • Can make you a better writer and speaker.

Leave the phone alone

Your smart phones can actually make your brain feel tired after few hours of exposure. The light and the monotonous view has an effect not only to your vision but also on the way your brain works. If you want to maintain a strong and healthy brain, you need to control your phone use.

Make sure that you are only using your phone when necessary. Do not allow yourself to spend so much time browsing on social media and feeling idle all day. This will cause headaches and eye strain.

And lastly, put your phone away from you before you go to sleep. The radiation in your phone can have an effect to your brain. Do not let it sit near your pillow.

Try out “opposite day” everyday

While it is important to have a routine, it would be helpful to your brain to consider a change of the activities in some days. Instead of doing things the way you always do them, why don’t you try other ways? You can apply this in the different aspects of your life.

Trying out something new will help you exercise your brain. It will get you out of your comfort zone and will challenge the way you thing. The opposite day will test your imagination and creativity.

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Get enough sleep

The brain also needs to rest. This is one piece of the advice that you will get from the directory of diet doctors. After a long day of thinking, working and stressing out, you need to rest during the night. You will notice that your actions and the way your brain function is totally different when you do not get enough sleep.

Here are the things that happens to your brain when you get enough sleep:

  • You will be able to strengthen your memory. The ones you learned before you sleep will be processed in your brain while you sleep. When you wake up, the information has already been engraved in your mind.
  • Sleep will help you strengthen your emotions and this will later on result to creativity.
  • For students, getting enough sleep can help your brain function better during examinations.
  • After sleeping soundly at night, you will be able to focus more on the things that you need to accomplish during the day.

Make that hotline bling

Instead of using your smart phone to send a message and it chat with your friends, you should consider having a conversation over the phone. It will break the monotony of using non-verbal methods of communicating.

Plus, you will be able to speak and exercise your brain.

Exercise physically

Aside from making your body strong and lean, exercise can also have a positive effect on your brain. This is one way to strengthen your brain cells and increase brain activity. It also helps release happy hormones that can make your day a bit brighter.

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Consider the different exercises daily and you will certainly go a long way in strengthening your brain. Practicing how to lessen the effect of stress is also another good thing to be considered.

With all the ideas listed above, engaging in relaxing activities will also be a great way to take care of your brain.