Eva Fraser’s facial exercises

Eva Fraser's Facial Fitness

Why not tone your face the way you tone your body with facial exercises?

One of my friends told me about her visit to  Eva Fraser’s facial fitness centre in London and it sounded fascinating. Aging naturally is something that I’m passionate about, so I booked a training session with the lady herself.

For me this is a bit like Dorothy meeting the Wizard of Oz! If facial exercise works it is a safe natural answer to looking good as you age, and that excites me. If it doesn’t work, I will be deeply disappointed and I’ll have lost my hard earned money.

I needn’t have worried.  When we met, my brain could not assimilate what my eyes saw.


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Her face is remarkable, and it was hard not to stare or reach and touch it.

Eva trained in facial exercise when she was fifty after a chance meeting with the mysterious Madame Hoffman, a former ballet dancer who had devised these exercises with a doctor friend in the 1930′s. After much persuasion she agreed to train Eva, her only ever pupil. Since 1990 Eva has shared her knowledge through her best-selling books and DVDs, and has practiced at her facial clinic, on some people who are very well known for looking much younger than they are.

My lesson was for an hour and a half, and took me through the facial anatomy, skin care and the basic first level of exercises. Ideally I will then have a further four lessons with at least two weeks between them.

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By the end of the lesson I can confidently say that her face is as a result of her technique and attitude to life, not the surgeon’s knife, Botox or fillers. Eva’s face is a little immobile, but this is because her muscles are highly toned and taught.

Personally, I think it’s best to be talked through the exercises; the course would probably motivate you to reach a higher level as you’re monitored, and expected to reach the goal of exercising five times a week for 15 minutes.

A lesson with Eva herself is £170.00 or £140.00 with another practitioner at the clinic. This may seem like a lot but I think if you embrace this method and it works it is a very small price to pay. Your large investment is in discipline and taking the 15 minutes a day to do it properly. And if you can’t visit the clinic you can use the DVD.

I’ve heard a women say that she does her exercises on the bus to work but I can imagine this looks a bit weird to the other passengers.

For me, the other really interesting aspect of meeting Eva was hearing her little anecdotes about life and ageing that she shared.  She seems dignified and unassuming with slightly wry sense of humour that I really enjoyed. We discussed how, culturally, older people are very often alienated and judged on appearance and not on their potential wealth of experience and wisdom.

I think Eva is definitely one of my women of wit and wisdom, and testament to age being a state of mind as well as a physical manifestation.

People grow old before their time because they follow the wrong blueprint for what happens next when they reach a certain age. Mixing with lots of positive people from all age groups can help keep us young at heart and show us a great example of what’s to come and how to embrace it.

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Facial exercise, practised with commitment, gives you the lift without the risks. It convinces people that you’re younger than you are. Even more than the way it makes you look, it gives you a different attitude. I think it keeps you looking and feeling lively and interesting. Exercise your face, spirit and mind and you may be on the right track to looking and feeling better for longer.

Here’s a video of Eva appearing on TV, a couple of years ago:

The ultimate facercise: Forget Botox, fillers, nips and tucks… in just six days you can get a younger, firmer face – naturally, according to this Daily Mail article.

Or give it a go by ordering Eva’s DVD here.