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When it comes to looking after your health, it’s deeds not words that count.

Clock face close upI just want to let you know that it can happen to anyone. Any of us can become ill because we take our eye off the ball.

There’s a great article in the Guardian (17.05.14) by David Nicholson who until recently was the Chief Executive of the NHS. Now you would expect him to be reasonably aware of the hazards of being overweight, wouldn’t you?

He tells us he was fairly busy (job, new baby, new house) and didn’t feel too good. Maybe just a bit ‘run down’. He was feeling really tired and was getting up to the loo several times a night. When he finally got round to going to his GP it was quickly obvious that he had developed Type 2 Diabetes. The realisation that this could have a significant impact on his life expectancy was profound. His GP told him that the complications of diabetes are ‘heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of a limb.’ Of course, David ‘knew’ this, he had told the public accounts committee all this a few months earlier, but as is so often the case, ‘knowing about’ and knowing it could happen to you are not always the same.

We all ‘know’ that being overweight and having a larger waist measurement predisposes us to Type 2 Diabetes but we don’t always believe it will actually happen to us. Or maybe we pledge that we will ‘do something about it’ if it does happen – that a diagnosis will be the wake up call we need.

Of course, David is doing something about it; weighing in at 17stone 6lb he knew he needed to lose weight. Alongside that he has altered his diet, looking at content and portion control. (‘Told you so,’ comes to mind – he should have come to Forefront Fitness!)

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So, what about you? Are you waiting to be told or are you going to do what David now advises – take your own health seriously? We suggest you check your weight, check your waist measurement (we are more than happy to help if you contact us) and adjust your diet accordingly if necessary. We also suggest you follow the government guidelines and get your heartbeat up for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. After all – if it’s good enough for the ex-CEO – it’s good enough for us!

About Marion Foreman

I fall neatly into the ‘women who weren’t born yesterday’ category. I grew up in a turmoil of Guardian fuelled feminism. I went from ‘little woman’ to independent person in a decade. I began my nurse training in the early 70s in the midst of a male dominated university town. I convinced myself that my views must be wrong as the ultra clever men didn’t agree with me. It wasn’t until I did my degree with the OU that I realised that I had a voice – and a legitimate voice at that. Four children and three husbands later I have found my place in the world. A place that simply says that I am who I am, that I can choose my own path in life and choose those who walk with me. I have learnt that equality means making and taking opportunities, not feeling compelled to ‘do it all’.