Do you need to de-stress your skin?

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Ever heard the saying ‘true beauty comes from the inside’? It might sound corny, but if we put that attitude aside, we can find plenty of proof that it’s actually true.

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Our skin reacts whenever we’re emotionally upset – we blush, we turn pale, the corners of our lips are twitching when we’re about to cry. Now imagine what long-term stress can do to your skin…

All the facial movements people make when they’re angry, worried or tired leave traces on their skin. Wrinkles and lines start appearing, but that’s not all. Emotional distress weakens the immune system which in turn leads to various inflammations that affect our skin.

Under the skin…

Not so long ago, the main approach to treating skin issues was only dermatological, but nowadays it’s clear that those problems go beyond skin-deep level, all the way to the central nervous system. Pimples, spots, acne, dry skin, rashes, you name it and the culprit is usually stress related. So, if you notice dryness, redness, tired eyes and bags under them, fine lines, or certain nail and hair issues, you should understand that this is a wake-up call. Even some more serious autoimmune skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis worsen when your mind is under constant pressure.

Psychodermatology is an interdisciplinary branch of medicine that combines psychology and dermatology with the aim of resolving some persistent skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, hives and similar chronic issues.

There are various ways to soothe your mind and reduce stress levels. Yoga, exercising, proper diet, meditation, and of course, psychotherapy can help you build coping mechanisms and get out of that vicious circle of stress and negative emotions. Only after you sort out emotional issues will you be able to repair and de-stress your skin.

On the surface

Once psychological factors are resolved and eliminated, it’s time to polish the surface. It takes time for your skin to recuperate from stress. The most important thing after de-stressing is detoxification. If you have bad eating habits, or if you smoke or drink, toxins start accumulating and, naturally, in time they burst out in form of various skin problems.

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It’s important to eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and reduce your carb intake. Forget about fizzy drinks, cigarettes, sweets and deep-fried food. This might seem like a big sacrifice, but after your body detoxifies your skin will be glowing and radiant, so your efforts will be worthwhile.

A good night’s sleep is also important, so apart from de-stressing and detoxing, there’s one more thing to do – de-teching. Turn off all your electronic devices because they can disrupt your sleep, and go to bed early. Believe it or not, according to some studies, there’s a whole range of computer-related skin problems, one of which is so-called screen dermatitis caused by the monitor.

When it comes to skincare, it should be personalised and adjusted to your skin type, as there’s no universal way of treating all skin types. On the other hand, there’s one piece of advice that goes for all types of skin – stay away from parabens. Those commonly used preservatives in cosmetics have various side effects including premature ageing, interference with endocrine system and pseudo-oestrogen effects.

Organic cosmetics are paraben-free and they have no side effects. Women tend to neglect certain skin treatments that can do wonders for the face. An adequately selected, organic nourishing face mask can completely rejuvenate your skin and rid it of harmful toxins. However, you should also determine what organic products to use depending on the skin type and issues you’re experiencing. As natural and organic cosmetics have become increasingly popular, there’s a whole range of skincare and beauty products made completely from natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

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It’s important to realise that some of these issues, if they persist for a long time, can have some irreversible effects on your skin. That’s why you should take all the warnings that your body is trying to communicate seriously, and do something about them as soon as possible…

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