Do you need help? Here’s the state of wedding registries in 2018

Wedding present and red roses

Competition is fierce in the wedding registry business; practically just about every store selling home goods is looking for your business.

Wedding present and red rosesThis makes choosing a place to register tough – and the last thing you want to deal with when planning your wedding is extra stress.

The following guide explores wedding registries available to you in 2018.

1. Best honeymoon/experience registry:

Honeyfund once featured on Shark tank where three sharks – Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran – expressed an interest in funding the business. The innovating online registry operates like a crowdfunding platform, unlike most other travel specific registry programs on the market. You can register at the service for contributions towards your wedding, bridesmaid dresses (find more designs here for inspiration), down payment for a home, donations, and its most popular niche, travel.

The platform has no setup or transaction fees and the contributions are made directly to you as a couple, instead of through their internal service. However, the site has Elite options that offer you the enhanced experienced, with an option of receiving online payments from your gift givers at a nominal fee. The platform is not only user friendly and easy to use it is a great place for couples that want to register their honeymoon travel.

2. Best store registry: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is a home store that offers you everything from toothpaste to artwork. As the name indicates, you will also find a huge assortment of bath towels, bed lines and other accessories for your home. In fact, the store is packed with goods including pans, soap and some snacks and accessories.

The wedding registry at the store can be completed in one of the physical stores or over the Internet. You get a discount that you can use online and when you get to the store to complete your registry three times after your wedding. The registry offers you the capability to create a personal wedding site and you can return gifts to a store nearest to you, making BBB a practical registry.

3. Best Everything Registry: Amazon

When you register for wedding gifts, you ensure that you and your partner start your journey into marriage with the things you really need. Whether you are looking for traditional gifts like bath towels and china dinner sets, the alternative of a scuba diving experience, or a mix of both, the Amazon wedding registry has everything you need.

Thank you note and envelopeSome companies will even throw in special gifts for purchasing certain items in the registry or once the minimum purchase amounts are met. This registry is packed with a huge inventory selection, a discount on unpurchased items and a great returns period.

However, they don’t have physical locations so you cannot pick or return your items in person, while other perks are dependent on whether your guests or you have Prime memberships.

NEW: Gift card registry at Honeyfund

Honeyfund has an exciting network of experience and travel-related gift card redeemable at popular retail, dining and travel companies around the world. Make your wedding and honeymoon dreams come true with this zero-processing fee gift card.

Within weeks of receiving a gift, ensure you write a thank you note with a reference to the specific item and how you’ve enjoyed using it. Have a log where you note down what you received; from whom and when to ensure that you do not overlook anything. Your log will also make a handy reference material the next time you are scheduled to meet with a relative and cannot remember if they got you the juicer you wanted.

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