Disney World – here we come!

Getting away from the dreary UK weather for some overseas sunshine is nothing new for me and my partner.

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But this year is going to be different, fabulous, exciting… because for the first time, we’ll be going on holiday with our two adopted children.

Our choice of destination was simple. Chatting to a friend from America, my partner and I decided that taking our preschoolers to Walt Disney World would be a magical experience; one of lasting memories and lingering suntans.

Well, if we were going to take them, it had to be before the start of formal schooling. The holiday would be expensive enough without the added inflation of school holiday prices or term-time fines.

A holiday can be a little poignant for adopted children, as the concept of ‘holiday’ is more often associated with moving on to another ‘foster’ family.

To avoid this potential disaster, we’ve made and coloured a picture-based story book for each of our children, detailing every aspect of the holiday – from the airport lounge to the flight, the hotel to the food, and of course, all the parks that make the ‘World’.

A ‘holiday’ is often associated with moving to a new ‘foster’ family. Our picture book ends with four suitcases at OUR home.Arguably the most important page is the one showing our house at the end with four suitcases on the drive and our children waving from their bedroom windows. Hopefully we’ll still feel this way after two weeks Stateside!

For me, the excitement of a holiday begins with the planning, continues through the preparation and I’m buzzing with anticipation by the time we reach the airport. This year, however, the severity of planning and preparation has reached the dizzy heights of amber level.

Thankfully the hardest part of obtaining passports for the children was having their photographs taken. Expecting a child to sit still, face forwards and not smile all at the same time was asking two things too many. Ten minutes later, a little bribery laced with a white lie or two, and the task was completed. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be done for another five years. Phew!

Now booked and paid for, the holiday is on the family calendar and it’s all systems go.

The logistics of actually getting there will be more than a 12-hour drive, but other friends have taken transatlantic flights with preschoolers and survived.

Our little girl is desperate to hug Mickey Mouse and our little boy has polished his running shoes.As the children’s countdown chart starts to fill up, the new four-wheeled suitcases (even the children can push them) have arrived and I can finally identify the Disney Princesses.

Shops have been raided for £1 presents ‘from Mickey’ in an attempt to avoid the inevitable “I want, I want …” and paying the inflated ‘World’ prices.

We’re all ready and hyper excited now about our holiday.

Just the packing to do, then we’re all set for our adventure of a lifetime with our beautiful family… and looking forward to coming back home together.

Mandy Clark

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Well into my forties life took a new pathway when my partner and I adopted two beautiful children. A full time mum, with a passion for cricket I am midway through my MA course wondering when I’ll ever find the time to recommence my studies. Happily in a Civil Partnership with Louise and looking forward to getting married soon.