Creating positive vision

Have you ever sat down to write a list of your aims and goals for perhaps 6 months, a year or even longer?

Jayne-Cox-vision-board-totally4women-300x199-1Just like me, I am sure many women have used some type of goal setting activity to help them focus on what they want for their lives or perhaps their business.  I want to introduce you to a creative, fun and useful tool I frequently use both personally and professionally with my clients. It’s called a vision board.

Manifestation and vision boards were made popular by the 2006 film The Secret but the idea isn’t a new one. So let me explain how vision boards can become a useful part of your life and how to create your own unique board.

I create boards or suggest clients do whenever there is something that we want to focus our attention upon. Imagine your own home, you’ll have visual reminders of perhaps the love of your family in the form of photographs. No there’s nothing new or mystical about this practice it’s simply that when we have something in our lives that we want to ‘positively’ focus our attention on it’s more affective if we actually have a visual reference.

Here are some ideas for your board:

1. To help with mood management. A board can be created that reminds you of everything in your life that’s good. Your hobbies, loved ones, places that are special. This becomes a tool to focus your mind on the brighter things about life.

2. If you have an expectation or a specific outcome for your life or business you can use your board to give yourself a point of reference. This is how I know I’m closer to or at my chosen goal. You can do this over perhaps 6 months, then a year and then longer term.

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3. You can use your board to help build self-confidence and self esteem, placing words and images that positively reflect who you are. This is a fun activity in a group setting as you can help each other. I’m hoping to bring the workshop to you next year!

4. A fabulous use of your board is with children to inspire their confidence and self esteem. Many women I’ve worked with have helped create positive body image boards with both their sons and daughters.

5. Memory box lids can be another wonderful use of your board. I’ve had the pleasure of using this board, amongst others, in my local day hospice.
So that’s the introduction to the boards and just a few ideas. There are no rules, you can do whatever you want with your board. Do make sure your board remains a positive focus. We naturally remember the negative with ease so keep this positive.

You can use photographs, magazines, images from pinterest or the internet, old cards anything that gives you access to words and images.  You’ll also need scissors, PVA glue and some kind of firm board. A4 or larger being ideal or a shoe box lid for a memory or keepsake box. Take a seat and allow your mind to be still, focus on what you want your board to represent and be used for. You may find this stage a little awkward or it may stir emotions so do be kind to yourself. I also love that intuitive feeling when I have no idea why I want a certain word or image but I’m drawn to it.

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As you notice the images and the words you like or feel are important to you simply cut or tear these out. You may have specifics that you are looking for and that’s fine too. If it’s difficult it’s ok, keep it simple and perhaps do it with a friend to help yourself over come any awkwardness or that ‘where do I begin’ feeling.

In time you have a collection of words and images and this is the fun part, the moment you begin to let your imagination take over. Your board begins to take shape and if it’s a board that represents you in some way I like to use a word or image that represents that. As I said previously you have a free reign, it’s your board so do as you please and no one else even needs to understand why or what your board is about.
So that’s it and once it’s completed you can cover it in PVA glue if you want to make it wipeable, just use a brush. Once it’s dry display it where you’ll notice it often.

About Jayne Cox

Jayne Cox is a specialist women's coach and mentor. With a background in eating disorder therapy she guides women to body, self and complete 'life' confidence. I will be covering a vast array of topics that deal with all aspects of a women's lives. From our changing role as women as we age to body confidence and everything in between.