Christmas jumpers: love them or loathe them?

Man and woman wearing Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumpers. Are they for uncles trying to be funny? Nanas who love to knit? Or do you think they’re the most stylish thing around?

Man and woman wearing Christmas jumpersAs Christmas Jumper Day (yes there is one) is fast approaching on December 14th and this year raising money for Save the Children, it’s time to decide where you stand on the great Christmas jumper debate.

With an expected £300 million to be spent on festive knitwear this year, it certainly is a popular item of clothing!

My thoughts? At the moment I loathe them. I really do. No doubt I’ll now get hate mail. Am I a bit of an Ebenezer style Scrooge? Probably.

Why? Well quite frankly I think they’re butt ugly, a cutesy fad our American cousins have shared with us.

It’s all the kitschness I don’t like and the primitively drawn festive characters which are pretty unimaginative. Snowmen, Santa arghh!  Don’t get me wrong –  on kids they look fab but big burly Doug from IT with a flashing LED fluffy reindeer…no!

Navy blue Christmas jumper

I think in the past, too, I’ve associated them with ‘that’ manager who think he’s down with his colleagues and wants to show he’s a bit of fun when we all  know that he’s a prat and not popular in the slightest. If it’s not a flashing jumper it’s a snowman tie. Trying too hard.

So, in my defence, I have been a good girl and at least had a look on the wonder web to see what’s on offer, in the hope I might find one I actually liked and end this negativity… something that might ring my bell (no pun intended) and on the way I found some corkers.

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It’s decision time. Are you team Christmas jumper or team definitely no Christmas jumper? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Christmas jumpers For some of you it may be a beautiful reminiscence of nana’s knitting or great aunt Gladys’ annual Christmas pressie and to that my cold ‘jumper’ heart cracks a little.
  • They are just a bit of fun and the most stylish of celebs will don one now and again to show that they aren’t completely unfeeling and full of personality.
  • It’s a great way to raise money for charity and of course that’s a fantastic thing. Save the Children are behind December 14th Christmas Jumper Day and high street giants such as Primark are donating £1.50 from each jumper sale. Or if you fancy an alternative why not try a ‘uterus jumper’. Yes that is what it sounds like – a sweater complete with knitted fallopian tubes and ovaries.
  • It’s a harmless tradition which many take up at office parties or Christmas dinners, bringing people together and creating wonderful talking points.
  • They keep you warm and snugly in our cold British Winters.
  • Outfit-wise, it’s a no-brainer! Jumper plus bottoms and shoes. Done! Popular with men for that reason, possibly?
  • They can also show strokes of genius in the knitting and ideas department and to those people I salute your creativity. There are TV-related ones out there, oh yes, so that you can point out to any critics that it is in fact ‘a cult tribute’ to Doctor Who, Star Wars or Back to the Future.
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  • Christmas jumperNot all hand-knitted creations are wearable, let alone washable. Giant sized to start with, extra-long arms or maybe now it’s a tad shrunken after a mishap with the washing instructions.
  • They may be loved but come on, only worn once a year, with each year the hole under your armpit getting bigger and bigger until you can see some ‘nipple-age’ (fellas that is).
  • You feel like a loon wearing it… it doesn’t fit your personality and neither does that 3D carrot nose swinging like an appendage from your front.
  • Itchy polyester that give you rashes or sequins and rough bits that stick in you.
  • You sweat like hell while eating your turkey.
  • Anything with flashing lights shouts short-wear life… battery? Washing? Care? Effort?
  • It could become the ‘norm’. You’ll be recognised by that old faithful ‘penguins skiing on an iceberg’ number every year, or worse it becomes expected and you get one picked out for you… remember poor Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Serious ‘bad rep’ associations.

These are just a few thoughts to get you thinking and whether you decide to love them or loathe them, that’s your prerogative and you should stick with it.

I’ll put a bit of money in the collection tin for Save the Children but I’m still not buying one! Are you?


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