Christmas activities with kids

Have fun this festive season

Christmas is just around the corner, and so is the frenzy of buying gifts and preparing the things that we need to be fully relaxed during the holidays. Sometimes things get so busy that we forget that this period should be more than anything else about enjoying the holiday activities with our loved ones. 

You are running around buying the gifts for everyone, thinking about gifts, food and drinks, and the ways how to make all your friends and family members perfectly happy. You aren’t alone: most people function pretty much in the same way. Each time we say it’s going to be different next year, but then as the winter holiday season approaches, we find ourselves doing the same things all over again. It’s logical because there are flashy decorations and holiday music wherever we turn to remind us of all the things we have to do. While it is super attractive and charming, we shouldn’t forget there is more to winter holidays than the consumerist craze.

Christmas and New Year holidays should be the time to share and enjoy some fun holiday activities with the ones we love.

Ideas for holiday activities

There are plenty of winter holiday activities that you can do with your family this year, and we are sure you are already thinking about some of them. If you, however, need something to get inspired, we prepared for you a list of holiday activities you can do with your kids.

Decorate the Christmas tree

This is one of the holiday activities every family should do. Who doesn’t enjoy picking and putting the decorations on a tree? It is not just fun but also a creative activity that will make both you and your kids happy.

Make decorations

You may find out there is something better than decorating the tree – making ornaments by yourself. You might think that you don’t have time to complicate your life with it, and it’s much simpler to use the ones you bought. We are sure it sounds unbelievable, but making Christmas decorations is way more straightforward than you could dream about and is one of the great holiday activities for families. The kids will be thrilled, and it will create ways for them to develop their imagination since the ideas are limitless.

Snowball fight

Being outside in the cold is not your idea of an ideal holiday? Prefer sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace drinking delicious French wine after a fantastic meal? But you know what… kids love the snow, and doing all kinds of things outside when it’s snowing can be one of the great holiday activities for them. If you are celebrating Christmas with extended family, go out and make the best snowball fight of your life. If not, you can do it with your neighbours and their kids. Everybody will have a lot of fun and because you’ll be running around you won’t even notice the cold.

Play games

Playing some of your children’s favourite board or trivia games is also one of the best holiday activities that you can do all together. It is a great way to spend quality time with your family, plus it opens a space for kids to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills and learn new stuff.

Bake cookies

Including your kids in holiday, food preparation is something that you should do. They will enjoy many things, but baking cookies will make them super happy. There isn’t a kid who doesn’t like to stick his or her fingers in cookie dough. While they will enjoy this kind of holiday activity, it will also be a way for them to start preparing for adult life. This is also a great way to get both younger and older kids involved because everybody can do something.


Do you like Christmas carols? Great, but there is no point in singing them where no one can hear you. Pick some from the long list of your favourite ones, take your kids, and go out to entertain your neighbourhood. Carols are also one of the best holiday party activities.

Make Christmas cards

Why would you spend money on buying cards when you can make them by yourself. Let your kids design the ones they want to send to family members and friends who live in different cities or countries.

Visit your city

When you get tired of being in the house, exploring your city can also be one of the fantastic holiday activities that you can enjoy with your children. Choose together the places that you never have seen and go check them out.


There are many charities looking for support during this time of the year. Choose one together with your kids and spend some time helping them to support those in need.


While buying gifts for our loved ones is a big holiday tradition, we need to remember one that it is not the only one. You see, there are plenty of holiday activities that can make us happy and fulfilled.

Do you have any holiday activities ideas that you would like to share?


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