Can we have a waste-free Christmas?

A festive take on sustainability.

The state of the environment has been one of the main topics of conversation this year, with activists such as Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg regularly dominating the headlines in favour of making a change for the better. With Christmas looming over us, we are set to create 30% more waste than we do during the rest of the year!

It seems as though the facts are starting to hit home and people in the UK are actively trying to do their bit this Christmas. According to a new survey commissioned by online travel deals retailer, Travelzoo, 57% of people have vowed to be more sustainable this year.

In order to reduce waste, people are trying a number of things such as not sending Christmas cards and even opting to experiences as gifts as opposed to a physical present which comes in often non-recyclable packaging and is then wrapped in non-recyclable wrapping paper.

Travelzoo has created an infographic showing the thoughts and feelings around Christmas waste in the UK, take a look and see how you can make a change for the better this Christmas.

What does the UK think about Christmas waste?
Provided by Travelzoo

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