Can accessories enhance your body shape?

Two women showing each other their jewellery

It might sound like a daft question, but if you think about it actually makes a lot of sense.

Two women showing each other their jewelleryThere are certain items of clothes that I definitely would not wear due to my shape – I will never be one for a mini skirt with my chubby knees!  And in the same way, the right accessories can deflect attention from an area of your body you are unhappy with and draw attention to your best features.

Many of us are extremely self critical about our bodies but give yourself a break. It isn’t all bad and there WILL be some parts you like.

Accessories are usually earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and bags. Some people wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without accessorising their outfit. For others, they are saved for special occasions.

But whenever you wear them, well-chosen accessories can add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Here are my tips for different body shapes and sizes:

Triangle (big boobs)

Youtube - how to wear a scarfIf you’ve been blessed with big boobs it’s all about finding the right length for your necklace. Many will just sit on your boobs and make them feel more noticeable. Try a very long necklace that finishes below the boobs to draw the eye further down.

A scarf can also be a great friend to the lady wanting to disguise her boobs. There are some brilliant scarf-tying videos on YouTube, and I have changed the way I tie my scarves forever.


If you’re lucky enough to have the stunning Marilyn Monroe shape you’ll look good in anything. Accessories are your friend, from a delicate chain to a full-on statement piece.

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Woman wearing statement necklace, bangles and earringsLike more than half of the UK female population I’m a pear shape, carrying my weight around my hips and thighs. Pears tend to have a smaller top half, so I would suggest drawing attention to this area with a statement necklace to add the wow factor.

Don’t just save these pieces for nights out. I find that adding a striking necklace, perhaps with a pop of colour, to a simple plain t-shirt with jeans, can add a style zing to an otherwise everyday outfit.

You can also try some statement earrings to keep attention firmly focused on your top half.

A few other key areas:

Slim arms

Emphasise slim wrists and arms by wearing a number of bracelets together. Don’t be afraid to mix materials, metals and stones. I refer to it as an ‘arm party’ – never be afraid to start the party!

Round face

Large earrings have been very on trend this season, and are a great friend to anyone with a round face as they lengthen and define your face.

Short hair

As a person with short hair, I have always avoided ‘dangly’ earrings, feeling they would make me look overdressed and a little bit Bet Lynch or Pat Butcher.  However, after experimenting in a few delicate but long earrings, I was regularly asked if I had lost weight as my face appeared slimmer.  I’ve now progressed onto full-on statement weight earrings, which I love.

Woman wearing statement earrings with long hairLong hair

Be brave and wear something bold, it will be hidden behind your locks, but a tantalising glimpse will appear when you move your head.

The perfect fit

I think one of the best things that I love about accessories is that they always fit – no long hours spent in changing rooms debating the pros and cons.

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As you can see, accessories can be a brilliant finishing touch to your outfit, so taking just an extra five minutes to get ready can give you some real results.

About Jo Brown

I wear two hats. I run a charity office which is close to my heart – promoting the organ donor register. My husband received a kidney transplant over 21 years ago, and without it our family life would not be the way it is. As a lover of fashion and style, I am also an independent stylist for Stella and Dot. The ethos of Stella and Dot is empowering women to have their own business, and use the business to help them achieve their goals in life. The range is all designed in New York and San Francisco, and absolutely loved by glossy fashion magazine editors and celebs alike. It can be worn by every age – and there's something for every shape. I’m lucky that I love both my roles, and am happy to chat with either of my hats on, as I am passionate about both! Contact me at or visit my Stella and Dot webpage.