Book review: The Moment

Mary Cawley reviews The Moment by Claire Dyer.

the-moment-claire-dyer-199x300Heavily hyped by Waterstones as ‘2013’s One Day’, I thought well, why not?

The writing in The Moment is faultless and elegant. Sadly, the protagonists Fern and Elliott fail to engage with the reader on any level except as ‘me me me spoiled brats’. A case of please, please bring back the raw and truthful and funny emotions of Dexter and Emma from One Day.

But as a great no brainer read it works. I read it in one sitting, thought the three ending options were a cop out, but admired the control Claire Dyer had throughout the book.

There are lovely insights, and the secondary characters (always a good sign) are beautifully described. Fern’s husband Jack emerges as the most interesting character, if hazily drawn and not quite on the case of his wife’s emotional distance.

The Moment is worth a read, if you can get it in Waterstones in the 3 for 2 deal. At least I only binned it quietly, and did not dump it in the nearest skip I could find with loud acclaim, which was the fate of the totally brain dead and counter erotic 50 Shades of Nonsense

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